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Online SchoolConventional online schools focus on speaking and listening skills. But this school concentrated on all four skills – not only speaking and listening, but also reading and writing.
People can choose the type of lesson that suits them best – either group lessons, or private lessons.

Trial Reservation

Time table*If A learner.

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Available lesson hours Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday

*Please choose two classes each time.

*Please select two times a week for group lessons.
(2 hours per lesson = 16 hours a week (8 lessons))
*Please note that the class may be postponed or even cancelled if there are less than three people enrolled for group lesson classes.
*Please note that students who wish to have a group lesson with people of the same language level as them may need to wait until such students are available.
*Please endeavor to contact us up to 24 hours in advance if you unavoidedly have to miss a lesson. We will have another lesson on a different date to make up the missed lesson.


Group Lesson

Entrance Fee
10,800 yen
Lesson Fee
  • From 20,736 yen per month (including tax)
  • *For students living in Japan.
    *Expenses above are for one person.
    *Textbooks come at an additional cost.

Private Lesson

Entrance Fee
10,800 yen
Lesson Fee
  • From 21,600 yen per month (including tax)
  • = 5,400 yen per lesson.
    Minimum Number of Lessons
    (For students living in Japan): 4 lessons a month.
    (For students living overseas): 8 lessons every two months.
    *Textbooks come at an additional cost.

Learning Time

Group Lesson: 2 hours a day

Private Lesson: 1 hour a day

Example of materials used

Original textbook by Human Academy Japanese Language School. “Tsunagu Nihongo” Original textbook by Human Academy Japanese Language School.
“Tsunagu Nihongo”

  • 日本語教師を目指すなら ヒューマンアカデミー
  • 大丈夫.com

Provision of continuous educational courses and training in Business skills/Licenses, English/Japanese, IT, Sports Training & Conditioning, Graphics, Interior & Art Design, Fashion, Beauty, Manga/Games, Performances, Medical records & management, Social work, General interests, and provision of continuous educational courses in science experiment for children, robot making.

Offering the English education services at Human International Universities & Colleges Consortium, and the Japanese education services at Human Academy Japanese Language School. Follow this link for more details.

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