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You can learn Japanese quickly with our fun lessons given in our bright classrooms in a casual atmosphere

Class Lessons

2 Days
a Week

This is the standard type for foreigners living in Japan. You can pick the best days for you, so even those who are busy with work or housework can arrange a learning schedule that suits them. You can improve your Japanese at your own pace.

Group Lessons

2 Days
a Week

You can learn practical daily conversation Japanese or business conversation Japanese in a small group. The group should be between three to five people and the lessons are adjusted to the level of the group. You can learn whatever you desire to learn very intensively in a short time. For corporations we are also prepared to create small-group classes as corporate seminars in the Japanese language. Contact us for more information. We will tailor our curriculum to meet the needs and desires of each group.



Each learner can freely design what he or she wants to learn. The content of lessons, length of lessons and textbooks are all adjusted to the needs of each student. A counseling session is conducted before setting up a curriculum.

Short-Term Intensive Course

1 to 3 Months

This is the course designed for short-term visitors and holders of Working Holiday Visa. Adopting a similar curriculum as in our practical Japanese course, we aim to help you acquire a high level of useful and practical Japanese in a short time.

The admission fee is waived for Working Holiday Visa holders!

Short-Term Intensive Course

Process of AdmissionAdmission Possible at Any Time

Class Lessons

Living in Japan

  • Short-Term Visitors
  • Working Holiday Visa Holders

Placement Test ▶ Level Assessment Interview ▶ Trial Lesson ▶ Post-Trial-Lesson Interview ▶ Enrollment Procedure (Enrollment is possible any time except for beginners.) ▶ Commencement of Classes

Group Lessons and Private Lessons

Living in Japan

  • Short-Term Visitors
  • Working Holiday Visa Holders

Confirmation of Applicant’s Objectives and Needs ▶ Placement Test ▶ Level Assessment Interview ▶ Arrangement of Class Schedule ▶ Suggestion of Customized Curriculum ▶ Enrollment Procedure ▶ Commencement of Lessons

Short-Term Intensive Course

Living abroad

  • Overseas Residents

School Information Kit (sent by fax or email) ▶ Submission of Application Form and Other Necessary Documents ▶ Payment of Tuition Fees ▶ Issuance and Mailing of Admission Permit ▶ Applying for Visa at the Japanese Embassy (if necessary) ▶ Entry to Japan ▶ Placement Test ▶ Participation in Class


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  Class Lesson Group Lesson Private Lesson Short Term Course
Admission Fee 32,400 yen 32,400 yen 21,600 yen 32,400 yen
Tuition Fee
  • 5days/week 54,000 yen
  • 4days/week 43,200 yen
  • 3days/week 32,400 yen
  • 2days/week 21,600 yen
  • 3days/week 43,200 yen
  • 2days/week 32,400 yen
  • 90 minutes one frame 8,100 yen
  • 1month course 54,000 yen
  • 2month course 108,000 yen
  • 3month course 162,000 yen

Eight Features of Human Academy Japanese Language School

You can study with students who come from more than 35 different countries.

Lessons are divided into 16 to 18 different levels, so you can choose lessons that exactly match your level.

You can begin at any time. (Beginners may be asked to start in January, April, July or October.)

Our students who take Japanese Language Proficiency Test have a success rate of more than 70%, and more than 90% of our students proceed to higher educational institutions as a result of our excellent guidance for the Examination for Japanese University (EJU).

We hold a conversation practice session and a networking event with local Japanese people once a month.

In order to meet students’differing needs, we provide a variety of elective courses and seminars such as JLPT Seminar, EJU Seminar, Business Japanese Course and Cultural Experience Lessons.

We ensure each student a comfortable, stress-free school life, providing personal counseling spoken in Chinese, Korean or English.

Our school is run by the“Human Group, which has a total enrollment of more than 10,000 students.

Feel the power of a group! You will make remarkable progress that is unattainable learning on your own. Try class lessons at HAJL!

In recent years Japanese corporations are showing increasing interest in hiring talented foreign workers. Foreign companies, in order to expand their business activities in Japan, are also inclined to hire more foreign workers who have studied in Japan. HAJL emphasizes teaching useful, practical Japanese, which is very important in the real business world. This includes teaching proper business manners and general knowledge expected from Japanese companies, as well as specific topics such as how to prepare for a job interview and how to write a resume and a job entry form.


Human Resocia Co., Ltd., our affiliated company specializing in placement services, provides placement support to the students who have graduated or completed the courses at our various institutions in our “Human Group”. Human Resocia offers total HR solutions. It does business with about 2,200 companies and always has numerous job opportunities.


This is a job search website run by another affiliated company called Human International Co., Ltd. It is the largest site that specializes in bilingual job opportunities. It helps talented and skilled foreign workers to find permanent or temporary jobs in Japanese companies.

  • The number of nationality
    40 countries
  • Graduate
    5,000 people
  • After opening a course
    25 years

Testimonials from a Student and an Instructor

Ms.Alena Nikolaeva

Ms.Alena Nikolaeva
Admission: October 2011
Nationality: Russia

From a Student


My name is Alena. I come from Russia. I have a little message here for you, who’re thinking of learning Japanese.

I’ve been learning Japanese here at Human Academy Japanese Language School since October last year. I couldn’t speak Japanese at all when I came to Japan, so I had a hard time getting by every day. But now, thanks to the lessons I’ve been taking at HAJL I can speak some Japanese and I can manage to make myself understood in Japanese. The teachers are all very nice and teach us very kindly. It’s very easy to understand what they teach us. The lessons are all fun and I’m really enjoying them.

We study with students from different countries and it’s interesting to know how people from different countries think differently and it’s so nice to make friends with people from various countries. I have nine friends in my class who are all from different countries.

I started last October and now I’m in the middle level. Lessons in this level are rather difficult for me but I’m enjoying them because the teachers teach us very kindly.

I’m sure you’ll become very good at speaking Japanese if you study at HAJL. Let’s study Japanese with me at HAJL!

Kazuko Tsuji

Kazuko Tsuji
Chief Instructor
Tokyo Campus

From an Instructor

At Human Academy Japanese Language School, we regard the classroom as a place where actual conversations in the real world should take place. We encourage our students to use Japanese as much as possible in the class.

Within a week students will be able to do a lot more than just exchanging greetings. They will be able to do shopping, order food at a restaurant and introduce themselves to a Japanese they have met for the first time. And it is not just a simple introduction of saying who they are. They will talk about their family, their hometown, and so forth. In a month, they will manage to carry on basic daily conversation, getting what they want to say across to the listener. They can go out to eat with their Japanese friends and enjoy chatting. They can enjoy traveling. They may even be employed for a simple job.

If you join HAJL, you will find what fun it is to learn Japanese and be surprised how fast you can make progress. We guarantee that you will acquire practical Japanese, which is important to live in Japan and work here.

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Tokyo Campus

Tokyo Campus

Waseda Yobiko Bldg. 13ji Hall, 7F
4-9-9 Takadanobaba, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Postal Code: 169-0075

Osaka Campus

Osaka Campus

Hieisouken bldg. 1F
2-5-9 Kitakyuhojimachi, Chuo-ku, Osaka
Postal Code: 542-0081

Saga Campus

Saga Campus

Saga Balloon Museum. 4F,
2-2-27, Matsubara, Saga-shi, Saga
Postal Code: 840-0831

Fukuoka Classroom

Fukuoka Classroom

Tenjin MMT Bldg., 8F
1-10-13 Tenjin, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka-shi, Fukuoka
Postal Code: 810-0001

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