Higher Education

Higher Education

Human Academy Japanese Language School provides several courses according to students' goals, such as a long-term course for preparation for university, and 2 days a week course for learning Japanese conversation.

Graduate School Preparatory Course

<Long Term Course>
Current students at leading universities such as the University of Tokyo and Kyoto University provide thorough support for determining the theme of your research, making research plans and searching for research labs.

  • Graduate School Preparatory
  • Research Lab
  • Slide Admission

Preparatory Course

<Long Term Course>
This course is designed for students planning to go to university, graduate school or vocational college to develop 4 kinds of balanced skills; reading, speaking, writing and listening. 4 terms of admission per year are convenient and available: January, April, July and October.

  • University Admission
  • Maximum 2 years
  • Different levels

Practical Japanese Course

<Long Term Course>
This course is a long term general course, designed to develop practical Japanese skills for students planning to live in Japan, work in Japan, or work for a Japanese company. 4 terms of admission per year and a maximum of 2 years study are available as well as the Preparatory Course.

  • Practical Japanese
  • Preparation for working
  • Diversity of classroom activity

Short Term Course

<1 to 3 months Short Term Course>
This course is designed for students want to learn Japanese intensively within 1 to 3 months. This course focuses on studying"useful Japanese" within a short term with the same curriculum as the Practical Japanese Course.

  • Different Goal
    (each eyamination)
  • Short intensive study
  • Preparation for passing the examination

Working Holiday Short-term Intensive Course

This course is designed to teach practical Japanese for those working part-time as well as for those who expect to work part-time in the future.

Japanese Culture Experience Class

On both of our campuses students can take an elective class once per week. Students taking the Preparatory Course or the Practical Japanese Course are eligible for an elective class with no extra charge because it is included in the courses.

  • 日本語教師を目指すなら ヒューマンアカデミー
  • 大丈夫.com

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