Intensive Course

Intensive Course

This course designed not for travelers but for people who have lived in Japan for a certain period of time or who are planning to live in Japan. Students can choose class schedules and study according to their schedule even if they are busy with professional or personal obligations.

Class Lesson

This is the most standard course for foreign residents in Japan. 2 to 5 days a week study is available (Notice 1). A person who is busy can attend class according to their own schedule.

  • Beginners OK
  • Minimum 2 days a week is available
  • Different Class

Group Lesson

This course is designed to study with small number of students (3-5 students) according to their level. The class hours and days depend on the students' needs.

  • Different Level
  • Short term intensive study
  • Small number of students for a class

Private Lesson

This is an individual class. The curriculum and total study hours are up to each individual. Well-experienced instructors provides curriculum according to individual needs.

  • Different Level
  • Short term intensive study
  • Small number of students for a class

Online School

You can learn 4 skills of reading and writing in addition to listening and speaking comprehensively, and classes are proceeded by using the materials used in Japanese language school.
You can select your favorite course among the group lesson with a few students and private lesson, and can start from the lesson where you can experience the lesson free.
You can take the lesson not only by using personal computer but also tablet.

Business Japanese

Build up your Japanese from “Daily Conversational Level” Japanese to Business Level Japanese!

JLPT Level N1,N2 Preparation

JLPT N1 & N2 Special Courses are designed to enhance students’ Japanese language skills in a short time through intensive training so that they can pass the N1 or N2 level of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test, which is held annually in July and December.

EJU Preparation

Foreign students applying to Japanese universities are all striving to score high marks both in the EJU and in English language entrance examinations administered individually by most universities.

Illustration and Character Design Course

You can learn how to draw illustrations with once-a-week lessons! You will learn how to use the pen tablets! Why don't you join us to learn how to draw professional looking illustration only in 6 months?

  • 日本語教師を目指すなら ヒューマンアカデミー
  • 大丈夫.com

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