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Online SchoolHuman Academy online school focuses on all four skills: Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening, different to Skype based online services. It’s same as going to language school but with lot of convenience.

You can select courses according to your learning needs. Since, it is one to one basis, lot of attention could be provided until you gain the language fluency.

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Learning Time

Courses Course Duration
Comprehensive Japanese Beginner Level 40 Lessons
Comprehensive Japanese Intermediate Level 40 Lessons
Business Japanese Pre-Intermediate 40 Lessons
Business Japanese Intermediate 40 Lessons
Advance Business Japanese 40 Lessons
JLPTN1 to JLPTN3 60 Lessons
JLPTN4 20 Lessons
JLPTN1 to JLPTN3 【word/vocabulary・grammar】 30 Lessons

※1 Lesson 45Min

Example of materials used

Original textbook by Human Academy Japanese Language School. “Tsunagu Nihongo” Original textbook by Human Academy Japanese Language School.
“Tsunagu Nihongo”

About prices

10 Lessons 38,500 yen(1 Lesson is about 3,850 yen)

All fees are tax inclusive
1 Lesson 45Min

  • 日本語教師を目指すなら ヒューマンアカデミー
  • 大丈夫.com

Offering the English education services at Human International Universities & Colleges Consortium, and the Japanese education services at Human Academy Japanese Language School. Follow this link for more details.

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