Online School

Online School

The online school has two courses - small group lessons, and one-on-one lessons.
Group lessons allow for practical learning of everyday conversations in small groups. There is also time for interactions after class to allow students to enjoy learning online.
One-on-one lessons allow for learning at your own level, such as everyday conversations, business Japanese, and JLPT preparation.
Both lessons are held online, so that you can study Japanese anytime, anywhere.

Ideal for these Persons...

  • ・I can't learn from a Japanese teacher because there are no Japanese schools nearby
  • ・I'd like to learn Japanese according to my schedule
  • ・If I can learn it for free, I'm worried about the quality of the learning content


  • ・Learn Japanese anytime, anywhere
  • ・Study at your own convenience
  • ・Learn Japanese from a currently-active Japanese language school instructor
  • ・Can focus on learning the 4 skills you are not good at
  • ・Choose your study time from morning until late at night, Japan time


Group Lesson

Outline Learn practical daily conversation in a small group of people. There will be time for converse after the lesson, so you can enjoy learning online as well.
Enrollment Fee 0 yen
Course Fee
  • 4 Lessons  

    5,500 yen

  • 8 Lessons  

    11,000 yen

  • 12 Lessons  

    16,500 yen

  • 16 Lessons  

    22,000 yen

  • 20 Lessons  

    27,500 yen

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Private Lesson

Outline A one-on-one lesson with the teacher, for learning daily conversation, business Japanese, or studying for the JLPT, tailored to your personal level.
Enrollment Fee 0 yen
Course Fee
  • 10 Lessons  

    38,500 yen

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  • 日本語教師を目指すなら ヒューマンアカデミー
  • 大丈夫.com

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