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Application Form and Application Procedures

Applicants who live outside Japan and apply for the Preparatory Course and the Practical Japanese Course need to acquire a study visa. At the direction of the Ministry of Justice Immigration Bureau, Human Academy requires applicants to prepare the following documents in order to process their applications in an orderly manner. Application documents differ according to nationality, region and your background so please ensure you confirm with each campus which documents are necessary for your application.

Graduate School Preparatory Course,Preparatory Course and Practical Japanese Course (Student Visa)

Timing from Application to Admission*1

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Admission term Application and registration fee payment*2 Issue Certificate of Eligibility and school expense payment*2 Apply for Visa for Japanese Embassy in home country (applicants apply) Admission schedule
April Term September - November February March Beginning of April
July Term December - February May June Beginning of July
October Term February - April August September Beginning of October
January Term May - August November December Beginning of January

*1 "Timing of the issue of Certificate of Eligibility" from Immigration Bureau differ in the Tokyo area and Osaka area. Please confirm with each campus.
*2 Please check "About School Expenses"for registration fee and school expenses payable.


  • Applicants have more than 12 years study experience since elementary school entry.
  • If applicants' highest education is high school, applicants must have Japanese ability at the same level as Level N4 of Japanese Language Proficiency Test, or have more than 150 hours of Japanese study experience. *However, applicants for the Practical Japanese Course do not need to follow the same requirements. Please confirm with each campus for details.

Application Documents Guide

Application Form Download

Short Term Intensive Course

Applicants must have "Certificate of Eligibility" for Short-Term Stay (90 days) and permission to obtain resident status.

Application Documents

  • Application Form(PDF:1.2MB)
  • 3 ID Pictures
  • Copy of passport or alien registration card

Intensive course

This course is designed for foreign residents in Japan to study practical Japanese skills. The course is regularly 5 days a week, but a student also can take a 4 day a week or a 3 day a week course according to their own personal needs. Please apply with the documents below.

Application Documents

  • Application Form(PDF:1.2MB)
  • 3 ID Pictures
  • Copy of passport
  • Copy of alien registration card (Not for holders of short term stay visa)
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