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News Release

5 Ways to Find Your Job in Japan

~5 Ways to Find Your Job in Japan~

* The speaker will only speak in English during the program.

<What you can learn>
Over the past decade, the number of foreigners working in Japan has increased by 1 million people (486,000 (2008) to 1,460,000 (2018)) following the decrease in younger Japanese working population. 30% of the companies in Japan now hires non Japanese citizens, and other 11.5% are opening their doors to employ one newly. This webinar will offer information about 5 time efficient and easy-to-access ways to find a job in Japan. Also, we will explain what level of Japanese these companies are expecting from you, and what you can do to reach the expectations. 

<Date and Time>
September 25th, 2020
5:00PM - 6:00PM    *Japan Standard Time

25 persons

1. [Fact and figures] Employment of foreigners in Japan
2. What are the basic requirements to work in Japan (Japanese Level, VISA, Educational Background?)
3. 5 Ways to find a job in Japan (1) Job Search Engine designed for bilinguals
4. 5 Ways to find a job in Japan (2) Job Fair for foreigners
5. 5 Ways to find a job in Japan (3) ALT program (Become an English Tutor)
6. 5 Ways to find a job in Japan (4) Get support from your Japanese Language School
7. 5 Ways to find a job in Japan (5) Start with a part-time job. It actually helps!
8. Q&A

<Special Benefits for Participants>
*1x Free Trial Lesson on "Online Human Nihongo (Online Japanese Class Lesson)"
*1x Free Trial on "Nihongo Personal Learning (VOD)"

<How to Join>
We will be using "ZOOM" as a tool to connect with eachother. Once you sign up for the event, we will send you the link for the ZOOM meeting room.
(The copyrights for the recording of this seminar will belong to Human Academy Co. Ltd.)


We look forward to seeing you!
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