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【Announcement of Strategy to Handle New-Type Coronavirus】

To whom it may concern
Human Academy Japanese School
Strategy to Handle New-Type Coronavirus

Our academy is adopting the following strategies to prevent the spread of infectious diseases like the new-type coronavirus.

1. Accurate understanding of symptoms and decision of lines to be cautious about

Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare
Regarding new-type coronavirus

The above link is checked every day to facilitate our school's decision-making process.
※ The contents are separately posted inside the school building.

2. Regarding the environmental measures taken for classrooms and other parts of the academy

(1) Promotion of washing hands and gargling as well as thorough display of disinfectants
(2) Promotion of the wearing of masks by both staff and students as well as the bringing of handkerchiefs
(3) Disinfecting and cleaning of desks and door knobs on a regular basis
(4) Allowing for the circulation of air for all classrooms and corridors during breaks
(5) Stockpiling of masks and disinfectants
(6) Ensuring the availability of thermometers and managing health conditions via temperature checks
(7) Requesting that people who come to Japan from places where there is (widespread) transmission (people who come to enquire, returnees on a temporary basis and new students) to refrain from visiting our academy
(8) Opening of campuses early to avoid the peak hour commuting (Opening hours differ from campus to campus, so please ask the staff in charge)

3.Things to take note for staff and students

(1) Be mindful not to have contact for 14 days with people who come to Japan from areas of (widespread) transmission.
In the event that you have contact, please promptly inform the academy so that we can carry out the contact tracing questionnaire
(2) Refrain from travelling to areas of (widespread transmission) (business trips undertaken by staff, returning of home by students, travelling, etc)
(3) Refrain from going out unnecessarily

4.Regarding school events

We will decide whether to hold the graduation ceremony and the methods to hold it after observing how the situation will evolve in the future.

5.Cancellation of courses

During the below-mentioned periods that are designated by the government as a basic measure as they are crucial periods that carry the risk of the virus spreading widely, the various campuses will cancel particular courses so as to alleviate the risk of cluster forming and safeguard the safety of both staff and students.

Cancelled Courses
Tokyo Campus February 28 (Friday) - March 6 (Friday): Graduate School Preparatory Course, Long-Term Study Abroad Course, Class Lessons, Short-Term Consolidation Course
Osaka Campus March 2 (Monday) - March 6 (Friday): Graduate School Preparatory Course, Long-Term Study Abroad Course, Class Lessons
Saga Campus March 2 (Monday) - March 6 (Friday): Long-Term Study Abroad Course, Class Lessons
※ Courses other than the above-mentioned courses (private lessons, online school, company dispatch, etc) will be opened and corresponding measures will be taken.
Additionally, the cram school will organize online lessons from February 26 onward.

6. Others

(1) Dissemination of our measures on websites, social networking sites, etc.
(2) Strategies to respond to new students and people who enter the country again from areas of (widespread) transmission
① Prohibition to enter the campus for 10 days
② Measurement of temperature and reporting of health conditions before coming to Japan
③ Daily measurement of temperature and reporting of health conditions
(3) Organizing of verification items (name, gender, address, part-time job, names of roommates) of people who have prolonged contact with the infected person in the event of an onset

Guided by the desire to allow our students to feel safe, concentrate on their studies and enjoy their campus life, our academy staff are united as one and strive hard to bring about a safe learning environment.
The End
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