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News Release

Special Short-Term Japanese Courses Opened in Saga

Special Short-term Japanese Courses opened in Saga.

「SAGA!! What kind of place?」
「Do you want to study Japanese while living slowly in the countryside?」
「Do you want to practice the service manners while feeling traditional culture in Saga?」etc...

This is the perfect course to such people.

 Visa  Short-term Visa, Working Holiday Visa, etc…
 Study period :  From Monday of 4th week in every month
       For 24 days with the exception of Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays
 Level : N3~N2 Level
 Class time:   Every Monday to Friday, morning class: 9:00-12:00
 Sightseeing / Experience tour:  Every Saturday
 Expenses   Tuition fee+ sightseeing / experience tour fee  139,000 Yen (tax included)
    ※Paying full amount in advance.Textbooks and dormitory fee are not included.
 Dormitory( 1 month)
① Dormitory for short-term residents
     【Single room】70,000 Yen/1 person
     【Double room】35,000 Yen/1 person
② Home-stay
     About 75,000 Yen/person
     ※ Please feel free to contact us for other request

① Japanese training Course while feeling the nature and traditional culture of Saga
(For tourists)
The Japanese class is from Monday to Friday. Every saturday, we will have  sightseeing or experience tour.
In the spacious rich natural environment, you also can learn more Japanese while feeling the traditional culture.
The following is an example of sightseeing / experience tour:

(1) Town walking course  (1st week)
9:00     Concentrate in school -> Start
9:15    Sansei Bank  Toji Hall「Pottery painting experience」
11:00   Lunch (Spring frame cafeteria / Chanpon)
12:15   History and Folklore Museum of Saga City
14:15   Hizen Tsusenntei   「Green tea experience」
15:30   Arrival school → dissolution
やきもの絵付け・ロクロ体験(潤路人).JPGのサムネイル画像 皿うどん(春駒食堂).jpg 煎茶体験(肥前通仙亭).JPG
(2) Town course    (2nd week)
9:15   Concentrate in Saga station -> Start
9:30   Saga Castle Honmaru History Museum「on broad」
12:00  Lunch (Saga retro Museum / Sicilian Rice)
13:10  Soejima glass industry 「Glass painting experience」
14:50  Daikou Temple 「Temple’s meditation experience」
16:00  Kakurintei
17:00  Arrival Saga station → dissolution
お濠めぐり舟(佐賀城本丸歴史館).jpg ガラス絵付け体験(副島硝子工業).JPG 座禅体験(大興寺).JPG

(3) Southern course (3rd week)
9:00   Concentrate in school -> Start
9:30   Mutsu go rō-tei Maruzen
10:00  Higata yo ka Park 「Fishing experience in the Higata」
13:00  Lunch (Mutsu go rō-tei Maruzen/ Ariake Sea cuisine)
14:20  Sanotsunemi Memorial Hall
15:45  JF Saga Ariake Sea direct sale place before the sea (Saga glue software)
16:30  Arrival school → dissolution
タカッポ漁・干潟体験.JPG むつごろう亭丸善.jpg 佐野常民記念館.JPG

(4) Northern Course (4th week)
9:00   Concentrate in school -> Start
9:30   Sake brewing
10:15  Nishiyamada farm 「making soba, Garrett, picking Blueberry experience」
12:00  Lunch(Nishiyamada farm/ Buckwheat, Garrett)
15:15  Arrival school → dissolution

蔵見学(大和酒造).JPGのサムネイル画像 西山田農園.JPGのサムネイル画像 そば打ち体験(西山田農園).jpg

② Japanese training Course while practicing the spirit of OMOTENASHI service
(For students with working holiday visa)
In the Japanese training Course, we are not only study Japanese, but also study Japanese service manners
by actually in contact with the customer. Practicing the spirit of OMOTENASHI service in part-time job at Saga
souvenir shop, hot spring, etc. Not only learning Japanese, having a part-time job, but also take part in ①’s
tourism / experience tour.
It is the best course to be able to enjoy the Saga. After the end of the course, can continue to work part-time
at the same place.

(1)The training in a long-established Japanese-styeled inn

(2)The training in a famous souvenir shop
佐賀工房 空港店.jpg

(3)The training in a traditional cafe & restaurant

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