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Japanese Language Instructor Training Course

We have substantial curricula. We can help you achieve your goal of getting a job or internship at a Japanese school under the direct management of Human Academy.

Curriculum for obligatory 420 hours

  • Linguistics
  • Japanese language
  • Japanese teaching methods

We teach these subjects simultaneously in this curriculum, to deepen theory and comprehension so that would-be teachers have a foundation of understanding needed for a Japanese teacher.
It is required knowledge to pass the Japanese Language Teaching Competency Test.
The program places more importance on cultivating the "ability to teach Japanese to foreigners" than theory, and it occupies half of all classes. We bring in practical Japanese teachers to demonstrate techniques and practice. These teachers are experts who have knowledge of linguistics and technical knowledge along with practical experience, and they give students advice from people with experience in the field. By integrating with curricula, teachers and staff, we train many Japanese teachers.

Practice teaching to foreigners like a real class

Foreigners cooperate as students in practice teaching. Students learn to make a syllabus and comprehensive class.
It is not easy to teach Japanese to foreigners. The class teacher gives feedback to students about the teaching practices every time for half the class. This is done not only to have practice teaching to foreigners, but it also makes problems clear and guides students to develop their own teaching style and methods.
These teachers in charge of teaching practice are the most experienced, so students learn from the best teachers.

Graduates teaching in schools all over the world

Graduates are teaching in school all over the world.
Of course, many graduates teach in Japan.

Graduate introduction Details of class and campus

Human Academy Japanese Language School Exchange Party

Human Academy Japanese Language School implements regular exchange parties for students to share cultures and to develop their Japanese skills.
Various people come to the party every time. The exchange party offers good opportunities to study Japanese and for cultural exchange, as well as to make friends with people from different countries. Please join in and enjoy the party.

Apply by the phone

Please apply at
+81-03-5348-8951 (Tokyo Campus)
+81-06-6282-6098 (Osaka Campus)

Apply by E-mail

Please apply at
tjp22@athuman.com (Tokyo Campus)
ojp22@athuman.com (Osaka Campus)
Please fill in the following to apply and send E-mail.

・Name of Applicant:
・Gender of Application:
・Do you have any classes at Human Academy Japanese School? Yes/No
・Please fill in the blank if you are a graduate of this school.
・When would you like to come? Year Month
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※ Please fill in the following to send you E-mail about details of the exchange party
・Your telephone number:
・The campus at which you would like to study. Tokyo Campus/Osaka Campus

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