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News Release

【Osaka Campus】Japanese Business Conversation Class is now on coming!

You can acquire high- level Japanese skill using for not only daily conversation but various scenes in business,
and will be able to get appropriate attitude as a member of society.
----You will be not taking seats in this class, but more practical lessons will be given.
----Every class has 30 minutes for question and answer.

✓Learning Date
   Totally 8 classes
   Every Saturday 14:00 - 17:00 total 18-hour + question time = 24h
  Briefing session 4/21 4/28
① 5/12 Polite form + Answering phone
② 5/19 Phone reception +BJT (Business Japanese Test )
③ 5/26 Company profile +BJT
④ 6/2 Business Manner (Making appointment + Visiting company) + BJT
⑤ 6/9 Business Manner + BJT
⑥ 6/23 Inform / Report / Discuss + BJT
⑦ 6/30 Commission / Rejection +BJT / Presentation 1
⑧ 7/7 Presentation 2
✓Tuition  Admission fee ¥32,400 / Lesson fee ¥43,200
✓Texts    Human Academy Original Texts
✓Target  More Mid-level Japanese
   (Level check test of your Japanese language will be cond ucted in once in order to confirm your level)

※We will change curriculum according to each student's business level.
  • 日本語教師を目指すなら ヒューマンアカデミー
  • 大丈夫.com

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