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News Release

【Osaka Campus】Notice of a Nov 3rd Free Seminar for Business Persons

Hi, everyone!

A Seminar for someone who wants to use Japanese on business.

Date: November 3rd   National Holiday  10:00-12:00
You can learn basic Japanese polite forms and basic business e-mail, then.
If you are planning to live in Kinki area using Japanese,
please don’t hesitate to ask our advice. According to your current conditions,
we try to give you a free level check test and the proper advice.

TEL 06-4704-8031

Human Academy Japanese Language School Osaka Campus

Can you find anything you are interested in ?

We can provide many lessons such as
1) For beginners  
    In class lessons, you can master basic Japanese step by step.
    From Monday to Friday  9:15-12:30
2) For someone who is struggling to master Japanese vocabularies and particular Japanese expressions.
    Group lessons  19:00-21:00  on Wednesdays
3) For business people who want to master more advanced Business Japanese
    Business Japanese group lessons from 15:00 on Saturdays beginning on the 10th of November.
4) For someone who wants to get a job using Japanese in Japan.
    Basic Business Japanese group lesson at night

We are looking forward to seeing you!!

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