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1,375JPY - / Lesson

What is Human Online Nihongo?

You can choose from either a small sized group or 1 on 1 private lesson to learn practical conversation.

Our online platform allows you to study Japanese anytime, anywhere.

We also offer 1on1 Private Lesson for individuals.


  1. You can learn Japanese anytime, anywhere

    Our online platform allows you to study Japanese anytime, anywhere to fit your schedule.

  2. You can learn from our school certified teachers

    All of the teachers belong to and are active at our schools! They are trained to help you through.

  3. Learn with classmates from more than 40 countries

    Human Academy Japanese Language School is home to students from more than 40 countries. Immerse.

  4. More time to communicate in Japanese after class

    With our Groupl Lesson, you get an opportunity to communicate with other students after regular classes.

    Take this opportunity of having fun talking with your classmates to be able to speak fluently in Japanese.

Small-sized Group Lesson

1,375JPY - / Lesson

You can learn practical daily conversation in a small-sized group. Learn what you wish intensively in a short period of time.

Class hours
AM (10:00AM-11:30AM)
PM (2:00PM-3:30PM)
Evening (7:15PM-8:45PM)
Community room* The program will be different based on class level.
・You can communicate in Japanese outside of the class hour・Enjoy playing games and talk about various topics with your classmates

* This course is available only for learns above the age of 16 (and / or enrolled in High School)

Admission Fee
5,500JPY / 4 Lessons
11,000JPY / 8 Lessons
16,500JPY / 12 Lessons
22,000JPY / 16 Lessons
27,500JPY / 20 Lessons

1 on 1 Private Lesson

3,850JPY - / Lesson

You can learn with the teacher 1 on 1.

Book a lesson 24 hours, 365 days based on your availability.

Tuition Fee38,500JPY / 10 Lessons

  • *Tax included
  • *1 Lesson 45Min

Figures and Data of Human Academy Japanese Language School

  • The number of nationality 40 countries

  • Graduate 5,000 people

  • After opening a course 25 years

Our Teaching Method

You are at the center!


It is not our teacher who will take control of the class. The students will be at the center of class activities, and through discussions and group works, acquire skills to use practical Japanese in real-life situation.

Try it first, check and practice later!

Action-oriented approach

You will first recognize and understand the “Situation” and “Expression” as a set. Only then, you will learn the necessary grammar structure and practice to be able to express it naturally.
By recreating the situation from the text book, leaners can physically learn the language instantly.

All lessons taught in Japanese

Direct method

All lessons will be taught in Japanese. Just like when you first learned your own language, by letting the sound and words sink into you, you will eventually be able to respond to and in Japanese immediately.

Collaboration is the key to learn quick!

Collaborative learning

Teaching and learning from each other will help what you have learned stay in your memory.
Our school will not only teach grammars, but proficiency.

Testimonials from a Student and an Instructor

Ms.Alena Nikolaeva

Ms.Alena Nikolaeva
Admission: October 2011
Nationality: Russia

From a Student


My name is Alena. I come from Russia. I have a little message here for you, who’re thinking of learning Japanese.

I’ve been learning Japanese here at Human Academy Japanese Language School since October last year. I couldn’t speak Japanese at all when I came to Japan, so I had a hard time getting by every day. But now, thanks to the lessons I’ve been taking at HAJL I can speak some Japanese and I can manage to make myself understood in Japanese. The teachers are all very nice and teach us very kindly. It’s very easy to understand what they teach us. The lessons are all fun and I’m really enjoying them.

We study with students from different countries and it’s interesting to know how people from different countries think differently and it’s so nice to make friends with people from various countries. I have nine friends in my class who are all from different countries.

I started last October and now I’m in the middle level. Lessons in this level are rather difficult for me but I’m enjoying them because the teachers teach us very kindly.

I’m sure you’ll become very good at speaking Japanese if you study at HAJL. Let’s study Japanese with me at HAJL!

Tokyo Campus School Principal Kazuko Tsuji

Kazuko Tsuji
Tokyo Campus School Principal

From an Instructor

At Human Academy Japanese Language School, we regard the classroom as a place where actual conversations in the real world should take place. We encourage our students to use Japanese as much as possible in the class.about

Within a week students will be able to do a lot more than just exchanging greetings. They will be able to do shopping, order food at a restaurant and introduce themselves to a Japanese they have met for the first time. And it is not just a simple introduction of saying who they are. They will talk about their family, their hometown, and so forth. In a month, they will manage to carry on basic daily conversation, getting what they want to say across to the listener. They can go out to eat with their Japanese friends and enjoy chatting. They can enjoy traveling. They may even be employed for a simple job.

If you join HAJL, you will find what fun it is to learn Japanese and be surprised how fast you can make progress. We guarantee that you will acquire practical Japanese, which is important to live in Japan and work here.

Tokyo Campus

Tokyo Campus

Waseda Yobiko Bldg. 13ji Hall, 7F
4-9-9 Takadanobaba, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

Postal Code: 169-0075

TEL 03-5348-8951


Osaka Campus

Osaka Campus

Hieisouken bldg. 1F
2-5-9 Kitakyuhojimachi, Chuo-ku, Osaka

Postal Code: 542-0081

TEL 06-4704-8031


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