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Relaxed life with Japanese language in Japanese castle town; Saga

Let's study abroad in Saga to become an authentic "Japan hand".

It is good to study abroad in large cities such as Tokyo and Osaka. But small cities have unique attractions which large cities don't have. Saga, a castle town in Kyushu, which is rich in nature and surrounded by history and culture, might be perfect for the people who want to be an authentic Japan hand.

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LOOPY is a famous design brand which is popular not only in Taiwan but also in foreign countries. Gaga and Lucky will experience a life with Japanese language in Saga and report about it!

Learn in Saga


Saga is rich in nature and the best place for learning Japanese language.
The town of Saga is calm and rich in quiet environment, which is perfect for learning Japanese language. Learning facilities such as Human Academy Saga Campus and the prefectural library are at the center of the city, with convenient transportation.


High-quality Japanese education which is internationally certified
Human Academy Saga Campus is certified by ISO (International Organization for Standardization) that it has a high-quality education. *For more information, refer to the following. You can study in the fulfilling curriculum with the students from all over the world.

The passionate and friendly teachers are really reliable!


The library surrounded by nature and history
Saga Prefectural Library is located in Saga Castle, in the center of Saga City. You can concentrate on studying in the bright hall filled with sunlight.
It is fully equipped with Wi-Fi, and open until 20:00, which is also attractive.
  • Human Academy Saga Campus
    It is a Japanese language school cooperated with the first industry-academic-government in Japan.
    It is located in the center of Saga City and has very good access.
  • Saga Prefectural Library
    It is a prefectural library in Saga Castle.
    Its neighboring cafe "Days Kitchen" is also popular.

Eat the blessing of Saga


Local products of Saga with rich seafood and mountain food.
Saga is surrounded by Ariake sea and Genkai. It is rich in not only fresh food but also various seafoods that cannot be eaten in other areas.
Mr. Soejima, the store manager of "Kura"
You can eat all delicious foods of Saga in this restaurant, including seafood and mountain food!

Saga beef is also very famous. Once you put one piece in your mouth, it will melt instantly.

Fresh squid! Let's eat!


Light Tonkotsu is the characteristic of Saga ramen.
Saga has also the local ramen! It is based on Kyushu tonkotsu, but Saga ramen's characteristic is that it is light and easy to eat. It is like people in Saga, who are gentle and don't insist too much!?


Saga's traditional confectionery tour. Happy time.
Saga has Nagasaki Road (also known as "Sugar Road") that has fostered traditional confectioneries. In Saga City, many historic confectionery shops stand in a row, continuing making confectioneries in traditional recipes passed down from generation to generation.
Ms. Maeda, a poster girl of "Muraokaya".
"Saganishiki" is a confectionery made with the image of Saga's traditional fabric "Saga Nishiki."

"Saganishiki" has delicious and moist texture with a delicate sweetness of red beans!

The crispy "red bean jelly" outside has wonderful texture. Every shop has different taste of "Maruboro",

so we cannot decide which to choose!

  • Kura
    It is a popular restaurant located in Aikei district, a downtown of Saga. You can enjoy Saga's seafood and mountain food.
  • Ikkyuken Gofukumotomachi Shop
    If you want to eat Saga ramen, you should come here! The price is reasonable, only 550 yen.
  • Muraokaya
    This shop's most popular confectionery is "Saganishiki", made with the image of the fabric pattern of "Saga Nishiki".
  • Kitajima
    It is a well-established shop of "Maruboro", the classic confectionery of Saga. It has still the same taste which has been passed down for over 130 years.

Enjoy the history and culture of Saga

"Saga Doll Festival" is carried out once a year.


Walk in the nostalgic street with remaining good and old landscapes of Japan.
Saga City still has many buildings constructed in the Edo period and the Meiji period of Japan. It is the best way for enjoying the taste of Japan to walk in the street leisurely in the time passing by slowly.

We will try "Tousenkyo", a traditional game of Japan using a fan!

Japanese garden is tasteful and beautiful.

This is my first time to wear a kimono. But I feel uncomfortable that my waist is tightened...


Have a cultural experience which is unique to castle town, and become more found of Saga.
There is a spot along the street where you can have a cultural experience which is unique to castle town. Getting dressed in kimono at "Yosooidokoro Futaba", strolling in the castle town, and having an experience of green tea at "Hizen Tsusentei". This is a recommended course.

Green tea experience! Finally, we can eat the tea leaves used here with syrup.

They look nervous...

We have got dressed! Do we look nice in kimono?

Let's go inside Saga Castle!


Walking in Saga Castle, the largest wooden reproduction structure in Japan
Saga Castle Honmaru Palace is located in the center of Saga city. The history museum has exhibitions related to Saga's history, including great people. And they are very good for your study. The castle is perfect for walking on a sunny day.

Feeling like a ninja.

  • Old Koga Bank
    It is a part of the Saga City History and Folklore Museum. During Saga Doll Festival, you can enjoy exhibition of traditional crafts and the exhibition of Doll Festival, as it is one of the main venues.
  • Old Koga Family's house
    It is a house of Koga Zenpei, the founder of Koga Bank. It is a part of the Saga City History and Folklore Museum along with the neighboring bank. It has a historical value as a precious building of the Meiji period.
  • Hizen Tsusentei
    It is a tea house introducing Baisaou, the patriarch of green tea, who was born in Saga. You can enjoy the tea culture of Japan, such as green tea experience using tea grinding hand mill.
  • Yosooidokoro Futaba
    It is a dressing studio in the old house of Hisatomi family. You can have kimono dressing experience easily by selecting your favorite Kosode from about 20 types, walk in the street, and so on.
  • Saga Castle Honmaru History Museum
    It is the wooden of Japan's largest scale, reproducing a part of Honmaru Palace faithfully. You can enjoy learning about Saga in the late Tokugawa period and the Meiji Restoration period.

Your mind and body will be healed by Saga.


Saga has a number of famous hot springs with long history. Getting in hot springs will warm your mind.
Saga has a number of hot springs that are famous in Japan. Among them, "Furuyu Onsen" is a hot spring with a history of 2200 years. The characteristic of this hot spring is that the temperature of the water is 38 degree, which is lukewarm. Get in the hot spring for a long time and warm up the inner of your body!
Mr. Yamaguchi of Furuyu Onsen "Yamatoya
Furuyu is one of the ten selected beauty hot springs. Please visit when you come to Saga.

It is common to drink a bottle of milk after taking a bath in Japan!

Drink in big gulps...!!


Power spots in the street of Saga
Saga has the largest number of the statues of Ebisu, the God of Luck of ancient Japan, so you can see various Ebisu statues everywhere. If you find one, please visit and pray. I'm sure you will have blessings.

This looks very like Ebisu!! lol

Every Ebisu has the spot to give you blessings if you touch.


Move body and get refreshed in the street park
"Don 3 no mori" (meaning "Dondondon") is the large forest park in Saga city. This park is characterized by its wide lawn, so you can have some exercise and play balls without worrying about the surroundings. Saga City Library is next to the park, so you can study in the library and play in the park, which is very convenient.
  • Furuyu Onsen "Yamatoya"
    It is a hot spring town representing Saga, which is also one of the ten selected beauty hot springs. Take a bath in a six feet sake barrel, and spend a blissful time.
  • Saga Shrine
    It is a shrine located in the center of Saga city, enshrining lord Nabeshima, the feudal load of Saga. It is an oasis in the town.

Live peacefully in Saga


You can live peacefully even in a working holiday program. Working with local people.
"Saga Retro Hall" was originally an office building of the police, and its atmosphere has completely changed. The cafes and restaurants in this building are recruiting part timers. Working with local people must improve your Japanese.

"Sicilian Rice" is a recommended lunch specialty.


You can live peacefully even for the short term. Living in the dormitory for international students.
There is a dormitory for foreign students who stay in Saga for a short term. If you are a woman, "Saga Women's Junior College Mizuho Dormitory" is recommended. There are also apartments, such as "Leo Palace."


Safe for everyday life. Large supermarkets are convenient.
There is a large supermarket in Saga City where you can buy food and daily commodities necessary for your life. The supermarket close to people's lives is perfect for enjoying the local atmosphere of Japan.
  • Saga Retro Hall
    It was built as a police unit office of Saga Prefecture, and currently it is a modern restaurant and cafe with a retro atmosphere. Its specialty "Sicilian Rice" is recommended.
  • Saga Women's Junior College Mizuho Dormitory
    International dormitory of Saga Women's Junior College, "Mizuho Dormitory"
    You can also be used by the students of Human Academy Japanese Language School.

Human Academy Japanese Language School Saga Campus
It is a Japanese language school cooperated with the first industry-academic-government in Japan.

Saga is a region in Kyushu of Japanese islands. It is rich in nature and has many historic spots. Our language school is in Saga City, which is the center of Saga Prefecture. There are a lot of landscapes that makes you feel old days of Japan. People in Saga have warm hearts, and the rent and commodity price are low, allowing you to have an easy life. In addition, you can come in touch with Japanese "hospitality" in the hot springs from long ago, such as Takeo Onsen and Ureshino Onsen in the prefecture. Yoshinogari Ruins are familiar to many tourists as the ancient ones. In other words, Saga is an attractive city where you can gain further knowledge of Japanese culture.

Bureau chief: Mr. Takeuchi
Come on to Human Academy!!
Japanese teacher: Ms. Takada
Let's enjoy studying together!
  1. 1
    There is an honors scholarships supply system.
    If you are selected, you will be supplied 20,000 yen every month from Saga Prefecture for maximum two years. In this way, it is characterized by a generous support of tuition.
  2. 2
    We will support your life during studying abroad
    If you need to work as a part timer to help you with your life in japan, we will support you to find a job in Saga City. Especially in Saga commodity prices are lower than in Tokyo or in Osaka. And you can find an apartment whose rent is around 20,000 yen.
  3. 3
    Opportunity to interact with local residents
    Saga Prefecture has a foundation where local residents welcome foreign students warmly. So you can expect to have a much richer student life than in big cities. The key to success is to have a rich student life. Please have a fulfilling life which is unique to Saga Prefecture.
  • Address
    Saga Balloon Museum. 4F, 2-2-27, Matsubara, Saga City, Saga Prefecture
  • Access
    It is a 15-minute walk from Saga Station of JR Nagasaki Main Line. (Get on the city bus at Saga Station, and get off at "in front of "Prefectural government," and walk for 2 minutes.)
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It takes 40 minutes by express train to go to Fukuoka, and it takes about an hour by bus, which is convenient for your holiday shopping.

Study Japanese with us!

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