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  • Vol.97 -November.30 2014-
    The original textbook by Human Academy Japanese Language School named "TUNAGU NIHONGO basic level 1" is finally published! ⁄ 2015 April Regular course freshmen wanted!! ⁄ 2015 April Short Term Intensive Course With Working Holiday Visa wanted!! ⁄ "Please introduce your friends to us" campaign has been carried out! ⁄ Special Course Info ⁄ You can learn in our Japanese course and our vocational course at the same time! Learn Fashion Business and Hair Makeup Skill at Human Academy
  • Vol.96 -July.31 2014-
    2015 Januarly Regular course freshmen wanted!! ⁄ "Please introduce your friends to us" campaign has been carried out! ⁄ Good Deals Course Information ⁄ Information of new courses ⁄ HAJL News
  • Vol.95 -April.30 2014-
    Can be used in Business!If you want to get a "Practical Business Japanese " , Human Academy' is a good choice!! ⁄ HAJL April term has just started! ⁄ Good deals! ⁄ Have released a brochure of Comprehensive School Human Academy
  • Vol.94 -February.28 2014-
    Still be in time!Human acdemy comprehensive school Mode stying college admissions information for international students ⁄ HAJL January Term courses just started! ⁄ Breaking News!!Notices of acceptance haven been reported one after other!
  • Vol.93 -January.31 2014-
    50,000yen each!! Here are recipients of HAJL scholarship!! ⁄ Win admission into university one after another! HAJL flash news of successful applicants of university!!
  • Vol.92 -December.31 2013-
    A No-charge, Speedy and very Reasonable Estimation! Information of corporate training ⁄ Let us introduce our new instructors!
  • Vol.91 -November.30 2013-
    Free level check test! Let's start Japanese lessons with us! ⁄ HAJL counseling service
  • Vol.90 -October.31 2013-
    You are in time for October new classes! Take a free level check test!  ⁄ Other good deals!
  • Vol.89 -September.30 2013-
    Q&A I want to study abroad in Japan! I want to let my children study in Japan! ⁄ The deadline is soon!! You can join some courses during this midterm. Check out for good deals! ⁄ Free in real terms!!"Pre-lesson" for October new session! Few seats remains!
  • Vol.88 -August.31 2013-
    NOT too late! Exciting new courses! Try free trial!  ⁄ Special and usuful courses!! ⁄ Free Trial Lesson! ⁄ Q&A "I want to study in Japan!"
  • Vol.87 -July.31 2013-
    [Course information for good deals!] Free level-check test available! The new class starting in July! ⁄ [HAJL service] Part-time job -search service
  • Vol.86 -June.30 2013-
    [Good Value courses] As part of our support for your new school term, some new courses are on the table including some virtually free courses. So don't miss this chance!
  • Vol.85 -May.31 2013-
    It's not too late! We still accept application for new opening class in May. ⁄ JLPT preparation course with FREE level-check test!
  • Vol.84 -April.30 2013-
    Good-value courses opening in April! / Reminder! Mode Styling College is accepting applications from overseas students!
  • Vol.83 -March.31 2013-
    Virtually free (*1) courses and more at HAJL! / Free again?! HAJL part-time job support system!
  • Vol.82 -February.28 2013-
    Interview / New year! A new term has just started! / Recommended / Event Information
  • Vol.81 -January.31 2013-
    Mode Styling College will begin accepting foreign students! / New members joined the office! / Recommended / Event Information
  • Vol.80 -December.31 2012-
    News of 2013 university entrance tests results! / What are HAJL's corporation Japanese language programmes? / Recommended / Event Information
  • Vol.79 -November.30 2012-
    HAJL students have been getting thorough the exam for university!! / Interview with an exchange student!! / Recommended / Event Information
  • Vol.78 -October.31 2012-
    Our annual speech contest was held at HAJL on 20th in Tokyo and 21st in Osaka. / Support for college preparatory by HAJL! / Recommended / Event Information
  • Vol.77 -September.30 2012-
    Special class in August! / We are opening Graduate school course taught by Graduate students at Tokyo University/Kyoto University / Recommended / Event Information
  • Vol.76 -August.31 2012-
    Student Picture Book 1: We Love HAJL School!! / Start of a New Residency Management System / Recommended / Event Information
  • Vol.75 -July.31 2012-
    EJU preparatory class taught by super teachers is open now! / HAJL Popular Annual Excursion / Introduction of a New Staff Joined Tokyo Campus Office!! / Recommended / Event Information
  • Vol.74 -June.30 2012-
    Starting Preparation for Going on to Higher Education! / HAJL Consults on Trainings Outside School / Recommended / Event Information
  • Vol.73 -May.31 2012-
    April 2012 Semester Started!! / Seminar for Working Holiday Students / Recommended / Event Information
  • Vol.72 -April.30 2012-
    Happy Graduate with Some Tears / Fun class for short-term students! / Recommended / Event Information
  • Vol.71 -March.31 2012-
    HAJL Started Japanese Education in Foreign Country!!!!! / New Career Service started!! / Recommended / Event Information
  • Vol.70 -February.29 2012-
    Sports Festival / Free Special Course for WH Visa holders!! / Recommended * Fun fun fun Facebook page and Event Information
  • Vol.69 -January.31 2012-
    We had a bus tour to AMANOHASHIDATE in Kyoto! / Support for recruiting by HAJL! / Congratulations to the students who passed university exam!! / Recommended * Event Information
  • Vol.68 -December.31 2011-
    At the foot of Mt, Fuji, experiencing slow-fitness in Kawaguchi lake town!! / Let's take a look at student's day at HAJL!!! / Recommended * event information
  • Vol.67 -November.30 2011-
    Enrollment ceremony was held for October students! HAJL Scholarships were given there!! / Experiencing Japanese Culture-1 Day manicure (Nail Art) lesson / Recommendation * Event Information
  • Vol.66 -October.31 2011-
    JLPT Preparation Course starting in September!!! / Be Successful for going on to higher education in Japan in April 2012!! Guidance on Universities and Vocational Schools. / Recommendation * Event Information
  • Vol.65 -September.30 2011-
    I'm staying with school after the earthquake!! / Special class was held for short term students!! / Recommended * Event Information!!
  • Vol.64 -August.31 2011-
    The number of foreigners coming to Japan is increasing again!! / Recipients of the HAJL Student Support Scholarships selected! / Campaign Information / Recommended Event* Let's enjoy Language Exchange Event!
  • Vol.63 -July.31 2011-
    Very popular!! A short report on the Japanese Cultural Experience Class in HAJL / Replacement of the school personnel / Recommended Event* Let's enjoy Language Exchange Event!
  • Vol.62 -May.31 2011-
    College-preparatory fair! Tokyo Campus, Osaka Campus> / Part-time job from HAJL! Osaka Campus / Recommended Event* Let's enjoy Language Exchange Event!
  • Vol.61 -April.30 2011-
    Congratulations on your acceptance to HAJL! / Kyoto Bus Tour "Amanohashidate" and "Tango" / Recommended Event* Let's enjoy Language Exchange Event!
  • Vol.60 -March.31 2011-
    Dear Readers of mail magazine / Tseng Wen-Ting came to HAJL Osaka Campus! / Let's enjoy a networking event!
  • Vol.59 -February.28 2011-
    HAJL student is offered a job by Human Resocia. Co. Ltd. / Japanese Cultural Experience(Postrecording) / Let's enjoy a networking event! / Announcement
  • Vol.58 -January.31 2011-
    Human Academy implements our own scholarship system! / Came from Spain again this year! / Let's enjoy a networking event! / Announcement
  • Vol.57 -December.31 2010-
    Human Academy implements our own scholarship system! / Came from Spain again this year! / Let's enjoy a networking event! / Announcement
  • Vol.56 -November.30 2010-
    Won the grand prize of the short essay contest hosted by NRI! <Tokyo Campus> / One of the fascinaDons of Human Academy Japanese Language School.... This is it! / Let's enjoy a networking event! / Announcement
  • Vol.55 -October.30 2010-
    The reunion of Human Academy Japanese Language School & rollout of our business in China! / Special intensive course by Human Academy Japanese Language School / Special intensive course by Human Academy Japanese Language School / Announcement
  • Vol.54 -September.30 2010-
    Internal academic ability test took place! / Participated in the fair for study abroad! / Let's enjoy a networking event! / Announcement
  • Vol.53 -August.31 2010-
    The reunion of Human Academy Japanese Language School & rollout of our business in China! / Special intensive course by Human Academy Japanese Language School / Let's enjoy a networking event! / Announcement
  • Vol.52 -July.31 2010-
    New semester has started! / We went to the bus tour! / Let's get it over with this hot summer together towards college admission / Let's enjoy a networking event! / Announcement
  • Vol.51 -June.30 2010-
    Workshop for students who is heading for vocational colleges / Japanese Culture Experience Class by Human Academy / Let's enjoy a networking event! / Announcement
  • Vol.50 -May.31 2010-
    Workshop for Working Holiday visa students / Feel refreshed by college campus tour!To be accepted to your first choice school! / Language and Cultural Exchange Party with Japanese in great demand! / Let's enjoy a networking event! / Announcement
  • Vol.49 -April.30 2010-
    April semester 2010 has started! / We have new teachers and office staff from April! / Let's enjoy a networking event! / Announcement
  • Vol.48 -March.31 2010-
    Graduate ceremony on March 19, 2010 / Tour in great demand / Let's enjoy a networking event! / Asakusa Tour / Instant-noodle museum tour / Announcement
  • Vol.47 -February.28 2010-
    Event report from student! / Sport festival took place on Feb. 5! / Event report from student! / We went to Ghibli museum!! / Let's enjoy a networking event! / Announcement
  • Vol.46 -January.30 2010-
    Entrance ceremony took place for January course student! / We went to Odaiba Tour!! / Let's enjoy a networking event! / Announcement
  • Vol.45 -December.25 2009-
    Human Resocia, Inc. held a recruiting event for part-time job!! / Lesson of Japanese business manner took place for working holiday students at Osaka campus!! / Went to "Bunraku" viewing class. / Announcement
  • Vol.44 -November.30 2009-
    Business Japanese course, an autumn special course, got out on / Participated in school briefing session of Osaka Bio Medical Professional School (OBM)! / Enjoy Get-together!! / Announcement
  • Vol.43 -October.31 2009-
    October class has started! / Kamakura one-day trip / Enjoy the autumn! / Announcement
  • Vol.42 -September.30 2009-
    Enjoyed Classical Japanese dance! / The students of HAJL Osaka appeared on the television! / Enjoy the best season of the whole year in Japan! / Announcement
  • Vol.41 -August.31 2009-
    Human Resocia is taking part in the EPA project!! / Get involved! Come join the briefing session for going to the school! / What great speeches can we listen to this year? / Announcement
  • Vol.40 -July.31 2009-
    Cultural Experience: Creating original Washi paper art! / Let's try the nail art! / Enjoy lessons with Japanese teacher trainees! / Announcement
  • Vol.39 -June.30 2009-
    June is full with Japan traditional culture experience ! / We are back from Kansai University open campus! / Summer is coming! Great events are waiting for you ! / Announcement
  • Vol.38 -May.29 2009-
    Introduce graduated students who had work hard in HAJL for this past 2 years. / The new look of new classroom! Study with fun everyday !! / Looking forward to the trip with teachers and friends by bus this June~ / Announcement
  • Vol.37 -April.30 2009-
    Congratulation to new students! / Conversation exchange with Japanese~ / College-bound / Announcement
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