Human Academy Japanese Language School [Tokyo/Osaka] July 2011 Newsletter Vol.64
44 countries students enrolled now!
United States, Russia, Spain, Canada, England, France, Australia, New Zealand, Italy, Mexico, China, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam, Philippine, Mongolia, Nepal, Malaysia, Indonesia, Myanmar, Brazil, Pakistan, Norway, Rumania, Israel, Honduras, Sri Lanka, Venezuela, Kazakhstan, Chile, Sweden, India, UAE, Iran, Uzbekistan, Germany, Ukraine, Kenya, Egypt and more. (For details, please click here.)
The number of foreigners coming to Japan is increasing again!!

To our regret, the earthquake that struck in March and the tsunami and nuclear power plant accident that followed led to a drastic temporary reduction in the number of foreigners visiting Japan... But, take a look at the figures below. Statistics released by the Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO) show that the number of foreign visitors to Japan is increasing steadily again!

MonthArriving VisitorsComparison with Preceding Month
March 2011352,666-
April 2011295,826Decrease of approximately 57,000
May 2011 358,000Increase of approximately 62,000
June 2011 433,100Increase of approximately 75,000

'I want to go to Japan to study Japanese. But...' You may feel a similar kind of hesitation. But we hope you will abandon your anxieties, come to the Human Academy Japanese Language School, and try to ascertain the current conditions in Japan with your own eyes. Japan is united in working toward revival. We are sure you will have the good fortune to see a newly energized Japanese society and meet Japanese people who are better than ever.

We look forward to meeting you in Japan!

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Recipients of the HAJL Student Support Scholarships selected!

At the Human Academy, students (two from each campus), who are selected through a strict screening process, including an interview with the principal, receive an HAJL Student Support Scholarship. The eligible students are excellent students in terms of their academic results, attendance and attitude toward their classes during each term (quarter). Scholarships are in the amount of ¥50,000 per student, and screening is conducted once every three months.

From left: Mr. Gao Yuan (China)
and Ms. Oh Kanna (Korea)
From left: Ms. Kou Yahuei (Taiwan), Mr. Wang Guanyu (China) and Mr. Cho Yusung (Korea)

Words from the Winners:

Interview with Ms. Oh Kanna (Korea)
Q: How do you feel about winning a scholarship?
A: I’m really glad to receive the scholarship, though I was very surprised, since I hadn’t expected to be selected.
Q: Can you tell us the key to your selection as a recipient?
A: Actually, I’m not doing anything special. But I believe the efforts we make little by little will bear fruit sometime. Let’s all keep on working together.
Comment by Mr. Cho Yusung (Korea)
In addition to attending classes, I’ve been studying at the library or at home every day. Daily attendance and test results are the most important factors.
Comment by Ms. Kou Yahuei (Taiwan)
I prepared and reviewed materials for classes during breaks and after school without fail. I think studying with a firm purpose is important.
Comment by Mr. Wang Guanyu (China)
As you can see, I attended classes every day and devoted every spare moment to my studies, even during breaks between classes. When I had questions, I asked my teachers immediately. I also studied by watching Japanese animation films.

We wish to congratulate the winners of this term’s scholarships. And remember, those who were unable to receive a scholarship this time still have many chances in the future. The key is to study hard while taking care in your daily life. We are always here to support you!!

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Campaign Information

Friend referral campaign under way!!
Attention all current HAJL students and graduates! We would be pleased if you would introduce new classmates to study with us!
For details, please click here.

Changes in procedures for transition from a working holiday visa to a student visa being implemented!
If you wish to obtain a student visa to study Japanese after your working holiday visa expires, please do not hesitate to contact us for consulting.
For details, please click here.

Exemption from Short-Term Course admission fee for working holiday visa students
Students with working holiday visas who enroll in the School will be exempted from the admission fee. Anyone who qualifies can enroll at any time. Please come to visit the School.
For details, please click here.

HAJL is accepting applications for the Preparatory and Practical Japanese Course for the Jan. 2012 term!!
The closing dates for registration are as follows:
Tokyo Campus: September 16, 2011 / Osaka Campus: September 30, 2011
For details, please click here.

HAJL is accepting applications for the Short-Term Course for the October 2011 term!!
Orientation: October 5, 2011 / Start of classes: October 6, 2011 / Due date for applications: September 16, 2011
For details, please click here.

Special courses starting September 2011 *JLPT Preparation Course and Business Japanese Course
For details, please click here.

JLPT Preparation Course
[Tokyo Campus]
Orientation: Saturday, August 27th
Term: September 3rd, 2011 ~ November 26th, 2011 (12 lessons)
[Osaka Campus]
Orientation: Please call or email for an appointment.
Term: September 29th, 2011 ~ November 29th, 2011 (16 lessons)
Business Japanese Course
[Tokyo Campus]
Orientation: Saturday, August 27th
Term: Saturday, September 3rd , 2011 ~ Saturday, November 26th, 2011 (every Saturday / 12 lessons)
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Recommended Event *
Let's enjoy Language Exchange Event!

You’re all invited to participate in our ‘Cultural Exchange Event with Japanese!’ This is a great opportunity to try out your Japanese ability. We hope you’ll participate in the event actively and help to make it fun for everyone! We welcome Japanese participants, too!

[Tokyo campus]
Saturday, August 27 / 11AM~1PM at 7th floor in Takadanobaba campus
[Osaka campus]
Saturday, August 27 / 11AM~1PM at 8th floor in Midosuji MID building

Please apply early because we will close when it reach a quorum.

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If you contact us from Korea, please contact to the office.
Call: 02-723-8181
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Seoul, Korea
San Diego Office
If you contact us from the USA, please contact to the office.
Call: +1-619-501-8091
Add: 123 Camino de la Reina, Suite W-200,
San Diego, CA 92108 U.S.A.
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