Human Academy Japanese Language School [Tokyo/Osaka] September 2011 Newsletter Vol.65
Students from 45 countries are enrolled now!
China, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, the USA, Afghanistan, Argentina, the UK, Israel, Italy, Iran, India, Indonesia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Egypt, Australia, Holland, Kazakhstan, Canada, Kenya, Colombia, Singapore, Spain, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Germany, Dubai, Nigeria, Nepal, Norway, Pakistan, the Philippines, France, Brazil, Vietnam, Venezuela, Belarus, Poland, Bolivia, Myanmar, Mexico, Mongol, Rumania, Russia and more. (For details, please click here.)
I'm staying with school after the earthquake!!

University life in Japan (Name: Jing Xu Yang) (Ritsumeikan University Freshman/ Chinese)

University life in Japan (Name: Jing Xu Yang) (Ritsumeikan University Freshman/ Chinese)My name is Jing Xu Yang and I graduated from Human Academy Japanese Language school. I am now a freshman at Ritsumeikan University, majoring in Japanese Literature. It was right after the big earthquake when I was just graduating from Human Academy and starting University. Some foreign students escaped to their countries. My parents were worried too and told me to go back home. I had been studying Japanese for my dream, which is to enter a university in Japan and study more and I did not want to just leave Japan and step away from my dream then. Especially in Kansai area, where I am now, which is in the west part of Japan, because it is further from the epicenter, the life of people did not change much after the earthquake.
Well, let’s go back to the story of my campus. I study general education and attend the seminars. I have also started to write thesis. We have a presentation every week and the themes have to be different every week. I practice my presentation with the help of my professors. The professors help us a lot but I think it is very important for me to make an effort myself.
Thinking back my language school days, I had a lot of chances to have presentations. I remember that I prepared a lot for that. Not all the presentations were successful but the experience of bad and good ones is now my precious memory and great experience.
At university, I have to understand the lecture, organize my thoughts, and write papers. It is very different from what I had done at language school. It is not an easy work but my career has just started and I am going forward to make my dreams come true!!
Good luck to those who started learning at Japanese language school. I hope to share our experience and dreams with you someday!!

Learning in Japan is fun!! Cardenosa Navarro Carolina(Spainish)

Learning in Japan is fun!!  Cardenosa Navarro Carolina(Spainish)I started learning in Short-Term Course at Human Academy Japanese School in July. I started studying Japanese because I always loved Japanese Manga (Cartoons) and music. I became to love Japanese culture after studying Japanese language. My family was not happy to send me to come to Japan because of the earthquake in March but I decided to come when one of my friends encouraged me.
When I started to take a class I could not understand what the teacher is saying. I almost gave up! But the teachers and the classmates were very patient with me and supported me in many ways and that gave me a supportive push!! Now, I enjoy communicating in Japanese.
Because of the situation in Japan, I am always careful what to eat. If you are careful with where they are produced, you can live your life as usual.
I sometimes stay at school to study after school. On weekends, I often go to Karaoke, watch TV, and go out to eat Okonomiyaki, Takoyaki, and other great Japanese food.
I am very thankful that I came to Japan and have great experience.

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Special class was held for short term students!!

As Human Academy Japanese Language School offers a short special summer course in summer vacation every year, we held the class between August 1st to 11th this year. In the special communication class the students learned how to give their opinions, read a story, experienced Japanese culture, had an opportunity to mingle with prospective Japanese teachers who were learning to be teachers, and other things that students could not experience in regular classes. In class they discussed in groups, had some presentations, and showed classmates what they made. They enjoyed it very much. We hope that all the students felt that learning Japanese is fun!

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Recommended * Event Information!!

Special Course starting in September 2011!!---Course for Japanese Language Proficiency Test
We are opening a course for Japanese Language Proficiency Test for students who are planning to take the test on December 4th, 2011. What is the efficient way to study for the test? How should I study to pass the test? We can solve your problems and answer your questions!! If you are planning to take the test, this is the class you want to join!! The followings are the schedule for each campus.

[Tokyo Campus]
Period・Time Sep. 3rd (Sat.) - Nov. 26th (Sat.) (12 times・Every Saturday)
9:30am - 1:30pm(4 hours)
Class levels: "N1 Class""N2 Class""N3 Class"
[Osaka Campus]
Period: Sep. 29th (Thu.)-Nov. 29th(Tue.)(16 times by 3 hours)
Day and Time twice / week(Tue・Thu)
"N1 level"(afternoon)Tuesday 3:00pm-6:00pm Thursday 3:00pm-6:00pm
"N2 level"(morning)Tuesday 9:30am-12:30pm Thursday 9:30am-12:30pm

We are opening “Business Japanese Course” on September 3rd!!
This course is arranged for people who are working in companies in Japan, Japanese companies, and who want to work in those companies. You need to have good communication skills in various business situations. Let us help you with building up your skills!!!

Term Time Sep. 3rd (Sat.) - Nov.26th (Sat.)(12 times・Every Saturdays)
14:00 - 16:00(2 hours)

We are holding a network event!!
It is a great chance to try using your Japanese!!
[Tokyo Campus]
Date: September 17th, 2011(Sat.) / 11:00am - 1:00pm
Place: Tokyo Campus (in Takadanobaba) Waseda Build. 7F
[Osaka Campus] Kyoto Arashiyama hiking tour

Students at Osaka campus and Japanese students at HumanAcademy School will go hiking to Arashiyama. You can enjoy the beauty of nature in Kyoto Arashiyama and deepen exchange with Japanese people. We are sure to give you the feeling of close connection to Japan.
Date & Time: September 10th, 2011(Sat.) / 10:00am - 5:00pm
Meeting: at Midosuji MID Build. 9F
Fee:Free (You are responsible for transportation fee and admission fee)
* We will close a book when the number reaches quorum.

Human Academy Co., Ltd obtained ISO 29990!
In July 2011 the founder of Human Academy Japanese School, Human Academy Co., Ltd obtained “ISO29990”. We are the first educational institute to receive it in the world!! ISO29990 is a international standard specifies basic requirements for providers of learning services in non-formal education and training and the quality of services and products of Human Academy is recognized as satisfactory to the international standard.
We hope to continuously give high quality services to support and accomplish customers goals.

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