Human Academy Japanese Language School [Tokyo/Osaka] October 2012 Newsletter Vol.78
Students from 36 countries are enrolled now!
Azerbaijan, USA, UK, Italy, India, Indonesia, Australia, Canada, South Korea, Syria, Singapore, Switzerland, Spain, Thailand, Taiwan, China, Germany, Nepal, Philippines, Brazil France, Vietnam, Belarus, Bolivia, Malaysia, Mongolia, Jordan, Russia, Pakistan, Myanmar, Kyrgyz Republic, Mexico, Greece, Turkey, Colombia (For details, please click here.)
Our annual speech contest was held at HAJL on 20th in Tokyo and 21st in Osaka.

Each year, under the guidance of the classroom teacher, our students start preparing their drafts around the summer and then first present it to their class. After that, the best speaker is chosen and given a chance to present it at the annual event. The contestants are from all over the world including China, South Korea, Taiwan, France, Italy, Thailand and Vietnam.

There were various kinds of topics at this year's contest: one about the fact that Japanese people always talk to them in English because of their western physical features even though they're fluent in Japanese. Another about losing 20kg after eating Japanese food for a period of time and also about different work ethics in Japan. The funniest was the one that drew a hearty laugh from the audience after repeatedly saying "my Japanese wife is so pretty!"
In their speeches, the contestants look at and talk about Japan from a foreign perspective, so there were some scenes where they took the Japanese people in the audience by surprise and some of the speeches made them think, too.

We hope they continue practicing and improve their nihongo (Japanese) further by talking about how they feel about Japan and Japanese things. In doing so, they can improve everyday conversational skills, too. We're sure that most of the contestants have gained a lot of confidence in their speaking through this contest!
Maybe it's you who will have a go at next year's contest?

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Support for college preparatory by HAJL!

We have a thorough support system for students who are looking to pursue their studies further for a bachelor's degree or a master at Japanese universities and technical colleges. "what universities / colleges are there for me to study?" "what kind of courses are there and what do I learn there?" "how should I decide where to study?" We can give you advice on anything and help you plan your studies.

1. Consultation with your teacher

After your regular class, you can have a talk with your classroom teacher ask for advice on what kind of documents you need to prepare to enroll on a university of your choice, whether that university is the best suited one for you etc.

Support desk2. Support desk

Here, with help from our education specialists, you can get information on each university's characteristics, what kind of courses are available, what skills and qualifications you need to enroll on each university or any information you may want to get regarding Japanese universities and colleges.

Browse brochures3. Browse brochures

Here, you can browse brochures of many universities and colleges.

Consultation with faculties from various universities4. Consultation with faculties from various universities

Twice a year, we invite faculties from various universities and hold a briefing session for you. Here, you can directly ask them questions regarding the courses etc at their universities.

We give you full support to help you achieve your goal. So do not hesitate to seek any help!

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Recommended / Event Information

Have you submitted your application for JLPT?
The deadline for this year's JLPT which will be held on 2 December is approaching. For those who are taking it, please submit your application by 3 October. If you have any inquires regarding the exam and application submission, please contact HAJL.

Are you thinking "I want to start studying for it!" "it'll be difficult to pass it by self-studying..." ? Then we recommend our JLPT special course! Here, you will learn all the skills you need to pass the exam!
You missed the first few days of the course? Don't worry. You can enter the course any time!

JLPT course for N1 and N2.

[Tokyo school]
Lesson schedule: Every Saturday, 9:30 - 13:30 (4 hours a day)
[Osaka school]
Lesson schedule: Twice a week (Tuesdays and Thursdays)
N1 (afternoon class): Tuesdays / 14:00 - 17:00, Thursdays / 14:00 - 17:00
N2 (morning class): Tuesdays / 9:30 - 12:30, Thursdays / 9:30 - 12:30

To apply:
[Tokyo school] 03-5348-8951 /
[Osaka school] 06-6282-6098 /

October 2012, new term starts!
The new term starts on 9 October. You want to study Japanese from scratch? Or you want to improve not only grammar but also conversational skills, listening and writing? Whatever your goal is, come and join us! What about studying practical Japanese which can be used in daily life with us?

* Applicants should have: short stay visa, working holiday visa, permanent resident visa, family stay visa, spouse visa or certificate of eligibility

* Take a free level check. Feel free to ask us to see the classes, too. To reserve your free level check or classroom viewing, contact HAJL.

For more details, access our website or contact each school.
[Tokyo school] 03-5348-8951 /
[Osaka school] 06-6282-6098 /

Application should include: application form, a copy of your passport and Foreign Resident Registration and 3 passport pictures.

2013 April Semester Preparatory Course and Practical Japanese Course applications are now being accepted!
We are now accepting applications for our 2013 April course (student visa course)

  • Preparatory Course (2 years): For those who are planning to go to university, graduate school or vocational college.
  • Practical Japanese Course (max 2 years): For those who want to improve their general Japanese communication skills.

From the above mentioned 2 courses, choose the course that's better suited to you.

Deadline for 2013, April semester Preparatory Course and Practical Japanese Course

  • Tokyo: 31 October, 2012
  • Osaka: 30 November, 2012

Hurry up! Limited spots are available.
If you wish to get information on the courses, click here and fill out the form.

Why don't you join our social gathering?
"I want to practice my Japanese more!" "I want to have Japanese friends!" Look no further! This gathering is for all of you who are wishing all these! Anyone is welcome!(Japanese nationals included) Free of charge.
<Tokyo> 20 October (Sat) / 11:00 - 13:00, 7th floor at Takadanobaba school
<Osaka> 10 November (Sat) / 11:00 - 13:00, 8th floor at Midosuji MID building

*There will be no gathering in October in Osaka.
*Hurry up. Limited seats are available.
<Tokyo> / <Osaka>

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