Human Academy Japanese Language School [Tokyo/Osaka] December 2012 Newsletter Vol.80
Students from 37 countries are enrolled now!
China, South Korea, Taiwan, the United States, Azerbaijan, Britain, Italy, India, Indonesia, Australia, Cambodia, Canada, Syria, Singapore, Switzerland, Spain, Sri Lanka, Thailand, the Philippines, Brazil, France, Venezuela, Vietnam, Belarus, Bolivia, Madagascar, Hong Kong, Mongolian, Jordan, Russia, Greece, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan, Burkina Faso, Malaysia, Turkey, Japan (For details, please click here.)

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News of 2013 university entrance tests results!

Good news is coming in one after another! Here are voices of the students who have been accepted into university this year!

Wang Min (Nationality: China)

Hello. My name is Wang Min.. I have been accepted into the department of commercial science at Kansai university. But I have another one coming up for another university, so I'm still studying hard!
The hardest things were writing an essay in Japanese on why I wanted to get a place at the university and also expressing myself at the interview. In the future, I want to found a company that will help my parents' manufacture business. At first, I didn't really know what I should study to achieve that. But my classroom teacher gave me a lot of guidance and support with great patience and helped me a lot. After collecting information on and understanding what kind of students the department was looking for, we worked hard on my interview skills. And also I considered thoroughly about my future. As the time went by, I gradually started understanding clearly what skills I was lacking, what problems I had and what I should do in order to overcome them. Through this experience, I feel like I have learnt to think about my future more thoroughly and to envision it more clearly.

Anchalee Boonkarnchanarat (Nationality: Thailand)

Hello! My name is Anchalee. I started studying at HAJL in July, 2011. I have been accepted into the graduate school of art information at Shobi University. I had to take 5 different tests to be accepted there. On the first day, I took the history of music and Japanese proficiency test. And on the second day, there was a paper and an essay test as well as an interview. During my course at HAJL, because of great help from my classroom teacher, I improved my writing skills a lot which helped me write my research plan. As a result, I was able to submit it confidently. Also, we had a lot of group work and presentation as well as conversation lessons on the course, so I was able to go into my interview without much fear.
When I first started doing some research on master's courses, I was only looking into famous universities, but I was having a hard time finding a good curriculum for me. Then I got wonderful advice from my head teacher and could achieve a satisfactory result. If you are also looking to go into a graduate school, the key is to find a research theme you really want to do because once you find it, it'll make things so much easier! Good luck!

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What are HAJL's corporation Japanese language programmes?

In recent years, we have been receiving many demands from Japanese companies to come up with a Japanese language training curriculum for their foreign employees.
Students have many different backgrounds including technical engineering in IT, sales in financial industry and management in manufacturing.
Because each company has a different goal and also designs a different duration for language training, we customize the programme for each. We always keep in mind to teach "practical Japanese" that has a good command for working environments.
We have provided programmes in over 50 different companies including the ongoing ones in Tokyo as well as Osaka. We have gained a good reputation and many companies have mentioned such facts as "very effective curriculum" and "high quality and passionate instructors" in their feedback.
Now the question is why there has been increasing demand for Japanese language training. This is probably because of the fact that more companies are looking to expand their businesses to abroad and want to nurture human resources that can link Japan to the rest of the world. Considering this, there is no doubt that there will be a lot more job opportunities and chances to expand their horizons for those who study Japanese.
We will support all the companies that need education for foreign employees with our know-hows that were improved with our experience in the corporation programs.

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Applications for 2013 April regular courses and 2013 January short courses still accepted!!
[Regular Courses]
It's not too late! We are still accepting applications for our 2013 April regular courses!

  • Preparatory Course (2 years): For those who wish to study at university or technical college in the future.
  • Practical Japanese courses (longest 2 years): For those who wish to improve their conversational skills.

Choose a better suited course for you from the above 2.

Because of immigration office's special measures, we're still accepting applications for our 2013 April regular courses!

Tokyo school: Friday 14 December, 2012
Osaka school: Friday 28 December, 2012

[Short courses]
Short courses (1~3 months): For those who wish to improve their Japanese within a short period of time. At HAJL, we focus on improving your conversational skills, but as we think balance is important, you will also learn listening, essay writing and grammar.

Deadline for 2013 January short courses
Tokyo/Osaka: 21 December, 2012

*Hurry up! Limited seats are available.
For brochures for above courses, click here and fill out the form.

Why don't you join our social gathering?
"I want to practice my Japanese more!" "I want to make Japanese friends!" If these things are on your mind, then this is a great opportunity! So come join us! Bring your friends and Japanese nationals are welcome, too! (free of charge)
<Tokyo> 15 December (Sat) 11:00 ~13:00 / 7th floor Takadanobaba bldg
<Osaka> 15 December (Sat) 11:00 ~13:00 / 8th floor Midosuji MID bldg

* Hurry up. Limited seats are available.
<Tokyo> / <Osaka>

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