Human Academy Japanese Language School [Tokyo/Osaka] February 2013 Newsletter Vol.82
Students from 48 countries are enrolled now!
South Korea, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Australia, France, Burkina Faso, Russia, Thailand, Philippines, Kyrgyzstan, Greece, Nepal, Vietnam, the United States, Mongolia, Pakistan, Myanmar, Mexico, Brazil, Spain, India, Bangladesh, Romania, Malaysia , Iran, Colombia Azerbaijan, UK, Italy, Indonesia, Cambodia, Canada, Kyrgyzstan, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Singapore, Switzerland, Sweden, Sri Lanka, Chile, Venezuela, Belarus, Belgium, Bolivia, Madagascar, Jordan, Japan (For details, please click here.)
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Hello. I am Qin Bo Wen from Guangdong Guangzhou China. When I was a junior high school student, I was a big fan of Japanese comics and animations. I bought textbooks for Japanese and started to learn by myself step by step. Then I came to Japan in July 2012 and entered the Human Academy Japanese language School.
This time, I got HAJL International student support scholarship. This is fantastic.
The most wonderful thing is that my efforts were recognized by the school. My parents are very happy and I am sure that this scholarship will be helpful for my future.
I always study hard, more than anyone at the school. That may be why I was chosen to get this scholarship. While I am here, I would like to pass the JLPT first grade and by all means I want to enter the university I desire!

Hello! I am Maka Krishna Ram from Nepal. Many Japanese tourists visit Nepal. In the future, I want to set up a tour company and offer them guided tours. So I decided to come here to learn Japanese. After I complete my HAJL's program, I would like to enter a technical college to study tourism.
It is only 2 weeks since I began to study here, but I've already made many friends from all over the world, France, Australia Colombia, Vietnam, Korea, China and so on.
My teachers are great and offer fun lessons and I am enjoying myself! I really like this school. Let's study together here!

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New year! A new term has just started!

Happy new year! Prosperous year to you all!
The new term after the New Year's started. We had entrance ceremonies on 11th in Tokyo and 9th in Osaka. Students from many countries such as Korea, China, Taiwan, France, Vietnam, Nepal, Russia, Sweden, the Philippines, Belgium etc gathered there and their student lives in Japan started!

We received many splendid speeches from the students including some freshmen at the entrance ceremony. The current students told the freshmen how important for them to attend their lessons, and also spoke about their own purpose of studying in Japan. Also, some freshmen spoke about their plans and how eager they were to learn Japanese here. Those speeches were marvelous that we could feel their passions and strong wills. All the staff members and our instructors will do their utmost to support such students. A good result surely is waiting for you if you continue making an effort with our instructors! All the best!

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Applications for the 2013 long-term studying abroad program from this July now accepted.
Those who wish to enroll please first consult our staff members and prepare your application.

  • The deadline for the 2013 July course
    Tokyo Campus: Fri 8th March 2013
    Osaka Campus: Fri 22nd March 2013

* We will close it as soon as we reach the capacity. Please apply early.

Applications for the April short courses now accepted!
These short term courses (1-3 months) starting in April are for people who are interested in learning Japanese in a short period. These courses offer the same curriculum as our practical Japanese course and the main aim is to acquire "skills you can use in daily life" in a short period. There are special curriculums such as playing games and experiencing Japanese culture. Also, excursions round Tokyo or Osaka and weekend's activities are planned.
You can experience not only "Japanese" but also Japanese culture on this course.
We are sure that you will "feel" Japan and improve your Japanese a lot!
Please enroll earlier.

Tokyo Campus: 03-5348-8951 /
Osaka Campus: 06-6282-6098 /
* Your application should include: application form, copy of your passport, 3 ID pictures.
* For more details, click here.

Why don't you join our social gathering?
"I want to practice my Japanese more!" "I want to make Japanese friends!" If these things are on your mind, then this is a great opportunity! So come join us! Bring your friends and Japanese nationals are welcome, too!
<Tokyo Campus> 16 February (Sat) 11:00 - 13:00 / 7th floor Takadanobaba bldg
<Osaka Campus> 23 February (Sat) 11:00 - 13:00 / 8th floor Midosuji MID bldg

* Hurry up. Limited seats are available.
Tokyo Campus: / Osaka Campus:

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