Human Academy Japanese Language School [Tokyo/Osaka] November 2013 Newsletter Vol.91
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Free level check test! Let's start Japanese lessons with us!

Hello! HAJL started a new session and opened for new classes in November!
Many students came to Japan to study Japanese language from all over the world.
The number of new students is 307 students from 25 different countries!
They took another stride towards their dream and goal!

Still have time to join in October session!

As for new class for October 2013, we are still accepting the application upon request.

Please apply from here

I want to study Japanese, but I don't know what my level is, and how long I should study... I also worry how much it costs...
Please don't worry, HAJL take care of this!
Well-experienced counselor and professional instructors will see your level, and offer you the best study plan for you. You can decide whether join in the class or not after you take a trial lesson. Please try our trial lesson first!
Please contact us by email or phone-call to the campus you want to go. The counselor will explain details for you.
You can make an appointment for counseling from website. Please visit our website.
Please do not miss this opportunity!!

You can find full of activity information such as school events not only lessons.

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HAJL counseling service

HAJL offers a free counseling to support student's stable life during study abroad in Japan. We introduce opening position and help to set up interviews for free.

  1. Part-time job message board
    Part-time job information is renewed every week! Students can find a part-time job from here.
  2. Counseling
    Not only for opening position on the message board, but there are also another information of opening position. For those who found an ideal job or not, everybody will take counseling at school.
    Counselor will offer the opening position based on your situation such as job contents, hours, experience, location, hourly rate...
  3. When you decide which opening position you would like to apply, the counselor will contact to and ask for the interview.
  4. After that, you will take the lesson to compose personal resume and to prepare for the interview.
  5. Let's go to interview==

If you come to HAJL, you can find a part-time job and get stable life in Japan. Parents will be relieved by this HAJL service.
* This service is only for students who already admitted.
* This service is not guaranteed to employed part-time job.

We are looking for your admission!

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Human Academy Japanese Language School
Tokyo Campus
Call: +81-3-5348-8951
Skype: humanacademytokyo
Add: Waseda Yobiko Bldg. 13ji Hall 7F,
4-9-9 Takadanobaba, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Osaka Campus
Call: +81-6-6282-6098
Skype: humanacademyosaka
Add: Midosuji MID bldg. 9F, 4-3-2 Minamisemba,
Chuo-ku, Osaka, Japan
Shanghai Campus
Call: 0086-21-6136-3959
Add: 12D JingAn New Century Plaza, 188 Wujiang
Road, Jingan District, Shanghai, China
Korea Office
If you contact us from Korea, please contact to the office.
Call: 02-723-8181
Add: Bowon Bldg. 8th Fl, 71-6 Jongro-2ga,
Seoul, Korea
San Diego Office
If you contact us from the USA, please contact to the office.
Call: +1-619-501-8091
Add: 123 Camino de la Reina, Suite W-200,
San Diego, CA 92108 U.S.A.
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Students from 35 countries are enrolled now!
China, Korea, Taiwan, USA, Ireland, Azerbaijan, UK, India, Indonesia, Australia, Canada, Colombia, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Singapore, Switzerland, Sweden, Spain, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Germany, Turkey, Nepal, Philippine, Brazil, France, Viet Nam, Belgium, Bolivia, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Russia, Japan, Mongolia, Austria.

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