Human Academy Japanese Language School [Tokyo/Osaka] February 2014 Newsletter Vol.94
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Human acdemy comprehensive school Mode stying college admissions information for international students

Just one year ago, though we let you know them in this mail magazine, Human Academy comprehensive school started accepting international students. It is already one year since then. Time passes quickly. And this year also, international students are wanted greatly.

[ Human Academy ] Fashion college and Hair make up college are now accepting for International students
In 2013, for having engaged in stable school management and having trained a large number of competent graduates for twenty-eight years, Human Academy was certified as an educational institution to be able to accept International students by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and the Ministry of Justice. Since then, we have started to accepting students from all over the world. We are really looking forward to seeing international students from Asia, Europe, America, and other countries.

The courses and campuses for international students are as follows.

The courses for international students

[ TOKYO (HARAJUKU) campus ]
Fashion college [ Fashion produce course ] 2years
Hair and makeup college [ Makeup artist course ] 2years

[ Osaka campus (Shinsaibashi) ]
Fashion college [ Fashion produce course] 2years

Human academy comprehensive school is a vocational school comprising 18 schools in Japan and has 20 college courses. Among them, mode styling college course is the most popular with direct access to employment from training.
Fashon produce course and styling artist course are opened at Harajyuku school in Tokyo. Shinsibashi school in Osaka opens Fashion produce course.
If you want to work as an active worker in a fashion field, if you want to have professional skills and knowledge in a fashion or a nailing vanish field, you will be able to receive them through Human group‘s highest education system. Please try here to become a person who you would like to be.

Open campuses and experience events are held in schools. Please contact the following schools for details.

Tokyo area:
Human Academy Conprehensive school
Okuraya-Bld 4F 7-8-10 Nishi Shinjyuku, Shinjyuku-ku, Tokyo Japan
TEL: 0120-953-968
Skype: human_is
Higa Chikako
Osaka area:
Human Academy Conprehensive school
Midosuji MID Bld 9F 4-3-2 Minami Semba, Chuo-ku, Osaka-city Japan
TEL: 0120-06-8601
Skype: human_is
Mizuho Fukuda

Further information
Facebook『Human academy international〝

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HAJL January Term courses just started!

The lessons started! This time, 106 new students came to start learning Japanese. Welcome to our School!! And, this is the final term for some students to go for higher education this spring in Japan.

Good deals!

[ Tokyo Campus ]
Business Japanese course started in January! <Possible to join on the way!>
Course contents: basic conversation on business / business expressions (such as reports, communication, consultation) business e-mail, business telephone conversation curriculum vitae, Job interview, Business basic manners

January 11th (Saturday) 2014- March 29th (Saturday)
12 times
2hours per lesson
Entrance fee: 21,000yen (tax inclusive)
If it is the first time for you to study at Human Academy Japanese Language School, entrance fee will be charged.
Tuition: 31,500yen ( tax inclusive)
For people:
For more than intermediated students
(the level test is implemented to check your level before completing the procesure.)

[ Osaka Campus ]
A pre-lesson for April term
We will let you know a little earlier information of our spring course.

March 28th(Friday) 2014
No charge
For people:
Who have already completed *application procedures for April course. (Submit your application forms)
March 24th (Monday) 2014

*Need to 1) submit an application form 2) complete the payment for entrance fee and tuition before joining this pre-lesson.

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Breaking News!!
Notices of acceptance haven been reported one after other!

Hello! This is career guidance room!
The time is coming to be off and running! Some students already obtained admission into universities!!

[ Graduate School ]
Chiba University, Grduate school of Humanities and Social sciences, Doctoral programs Passed!!
Kyoto Unibersity of Art and Design, Graduate school Master course Art and Design Major, early phase program Passed!!
Graduate School of Economies and Faculty of Economics Kyoto University, early phase program Passed!!
Keio University, Graduate School of Business and Economics, spring semester Passed!!
Graduate School of Argiculture Kyoto University, Master's program Passed!!
The University of Shiga Prefeture, Enviromental Science Graduate School, 1st term of doctoral course Passed!!
Kansei Gakuin Univeristy, Graduate School of Language, Communication, and Culture spring semester Passed!!

[ University ]
Aoyama Gakuin University, School of Business Department of Business administration Passed!!
Tokyo Polytechnic University, Faculty of Arts, Deprtment of Animation Passed!!
Nihon University, The College of Humanities and Science, Department of German Literature Passed!!
Shobi University, Faculty of Arts and Information, Department of Information and Design Passed!!
Kansei Gakuin University, School of Economics, Department of Economics Passed!!
Kansei Gakuin University, School of Sociology, Department of Socioligy Passed!!
Kansei Gakuin University, School of Policy Studies, Department of Urban Studies Passed!!
Kansai University, Faculty of Commerce Passed!!
Osaka Sangyo University, Faculty of Business Administration, Department of Business Administration Passed!!
Osaka Sangyo University, Faculty of Economics Department of Economics Passed!!
Osaka Sangyo University, Faculty of Engineerng, Department of Information & Communication Engineering Passed!!
Kobe University of Welfare, Faulty of Sicial Work, Department of Management Welfare Business Passed!!
Ritsumeikan University, College of Letters, Department of Humanities Passed!!
Nihon University, College of Art, Cinema Course Passed!!
Osaka University of Tourism, Tourism Studies, Internationl Tourism Course Passed!!
Osaka Seikei University, Faculty of Art & Design, Visual Design Course Passed!!
St. Andrew's University, Faculty of International, Studies and Liberal Arts, Department of International Studies and Liberal Arts Passed!!
Kobe Shoin Women's University, Faculty of Letters Passed!!

In addition, more students have passed other colleges and vocational schools!
Our HAJL's instruction will be more powerful from now and will let you know more good news! You can expect more!

There are lots of news such as school events not only lesson information

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Human Academy Japanese Language School
Tokyo Campus
Call: +81-3-5348-8951
Skype: humanacademytokyo
Add: Waseda Yobiko Bldg. 13ji Hall 7F,
4-9-9 Takadanobaba, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Osaka Campus
Call: +81-6-6282-6098
Skype: humanacademyosaka
Add: Midosuji MID bldg. 9F, 4-3-2 Minamisemba,
Chuo-ku, Osaka, Japan
Shanghai Campus
Call: 0086-21-6136-3959
Add: 12D JingAn New Century Plaza, 188 Wujiang
Road, Jingan District, Shanghai, China
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There are so many interanational students in HAJL
Let's learn Japanese with Joy!

42 nations as of January 2014

China, Korea, Taiwan, United States, Ireland, Azerbaidjan, U.K., India, Indonesia, Australia, Ghana, Canada, Colombia, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Singapore, Switzerland, Sweden, Spain, SriLanka, Thailand, Germany, Turkey, Nepal, Philippines, Brazil, France, Vietnam, Belgium, Bolivia, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Russia, Mongolia, Mexico, Myanmar, Austria, Argentina, Pakistan, Belarus, Peru, Japan

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