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Immigration to Japan

About immigration to Japan

  1. Applicants will receive "School Acceptance" and "Certificate of Eligibility" from school after they receive the certificate issued by Japan Immigration Bureau and passport is issued by government in their home country and the payment for school expenses is confirmed by school. Applicants who have received "School Acceptance" and "Certificate of Eligibility" should go to the Japanese Counsel or Consulate for the region to apply for visa.
  2. When applying for a visa, applicants not only need to show the "School Acceptance" and the "Certificate of Eligibility", but may need to submit other documents and to have an interview with the officer. Please confirm with the Japanese Counsel or Consulate and prepare for it.
  3. Please note that the "Certificate of Eligibility" will expire 3 months after the issue date if applicants do not apply for landing in Japan at a Japanese airport.
  4. Early immigration or late immigration may have an effect on students' study, attendance rate and visa extension. Please confirm with the school about immigration timing.
  5. The School does not accept reservations for class hours and class choices.
  6. At Nqarita, Haneda, Chubu, and Kansai Airports, besides having a seal of landing verification stamped in their passports, mid- to long-term residents will be issued a resident card.
    At other ports of entry/departure, a seal of landing verification will be stamped in the passport and the following description will be made near the stamp. In this case, a resident card will be issued after a mid to long –term resident follows the residency procedure at the municipal office of the city/town/village.

    **The new residency system has been implemented since July 9th, 2012.
    The alien registration card system will be abolished and the new residency card is issued at the immigration bureau. When you renew your visa, the card will be changed to residency card.

    Alien registration certificates for mid-to long-term residents will be deemed, for a certain period, to be equivalent to the resident card. The registration of the address is done at the municipal office of the city/town/village.
    For more detailed information, please see the Regional Immigration Bureau homepage.

Procedures after arriving in Japan

  1. Please attend the school orientation for “Registering address”, “Joining National Insurance”, or etc after your immigration into Japan.
    **The alien registration system is abolished. If you have any questions about “residency card” or “alien registration card”, please consult the office.
  2. Students are not allowed to support themselves with only wages from part-time work. Students need to have permission for part-time work from the Immigration Bureau. The permission will be issued to students with a good attendance rate with the stipulation that the work does not interrupt students' study. Not only students but also the employer can be punished legally if students work without permission. To avoid this situation, students should discuss with the school if they have to work part-time.

Life in Japan

Please register your address at the municipal office of the city/town/village within 14 days of your entry. (registering your address is required) If the residency card was not issued at the immigration at the airport, please bring your passport and apply for it. After the application, your card will be issued. You have to apply when you move to a new address, change of status, or renew of your visa within 14 days of the change.

Carrying the card

Please always carry your residency card (alien registration card).

National Health Insurance

Students are required to join the national health insurance program. Once registered, 70% of medical expenses are covered. Failure to join this program can result in very high medical expenses. We recommend that students join the program.
Students planning to come to Japan on tourist visas should obtain travel insurance coverage in advance.

Studying abroad while working part time

Information on part time jobs is posted on the bulletin board. We provide free part-time job hunting courses as well. We hope that you will actively use this if you wish to work part time in Japan.

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