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Teacher's Voices

Teacher's Voices

TOKYOMs. Megumi Shindo

Ms. Megumi Shindo

Our main role at the school is to improve the ability to communicate in Japanese which is necessary for work, study and life in Japan. Communication skill does not come from memorizing grammar or vocabulary or choosing a correct answer in a Here at Human Academy Japanese Language School Tokyo Campus, 1,200 students from more than 30 countries are studying Japanese together.

At our school, in addition to language skills needed for everyday life, students aim for a higher level of Japanese and keep studying. They learn and acquire communication skills, thinking skills, explanation skills, and telling skills with their classmate during class, which they can't study if they are in their home country or alone. Students think for themselves, discuss, explain, and inform in class. We instructors play the tole of facilitator.
We instructors help our students learn Japanese so that they can make good use of it for further studying or working in various ways. Also, we would like them to be international and a bridge between Japan and their home country.

TOKYOMs. Megumi Aoyagi

Ms. Megumi Aoyagi

In Human Academy's class students are protagonists. Every day they always think for themselves, teach each other, and help each other improve their Japanese skills. Also, instructors with quirky personalty support their students, sometimes strictly, other times kindly. Studying abroad means a lot of issues to deal with, but Human Academy's classmates and instructors are there for you. Let us encourage each other and have a great student life working toward your own dreams!

OSAKAMs. Ayumi Asano

Ms. Mari Okada

Everyone comes to Japan with various purposes from many countries. We would like all of you to enjoy learning Japanese and gain useful Japanese knowledge in accordance with each purpose. In order to achieve it, we work hard in class every day. We offer a curriculum to enable to learn all "reading , writing, listening , and speaking" in a good balance, and the teachers set a high value on communicating with students in class, so you can joyfully learn Japanese through actual conversations. There are also effective optional classes in accordance with each student's interest that enable you to learn Japanese with fun such as a test preparation class, a enhancing communication skill class, or a cultural experience class. Of course, there are a wide range of levels from introductory to advanced, so you can study in a class that is good fit for your level. Even if you can only make a simple conversation at first, if you practice in the class actively, you would eventually make a huge progress and be be able to talk about your dream, discuss, or review after reading a Japanese literature in Japanese.
In addition, the teachers and office staff would love to thoroughly face to each student and help your future dream come true as much as possible. For example, to the student who wants to go to college or university, we, mainly the class teacher and college counselors, offer attentive guidance to select an university or a college, practice writing papers or interview.
There is not to say that own effort is required to learn a language. There may be certain situations in which you may want to give up. However you will have classmates who can overcome such troubles together in school. Why don't you talk about your suffer and joy toward the same goal in Japanese with your friends at our school? Each lesson is conducted by an unique teacher, so you can not only practice Japanese but also learn something useful for your life and your exam. There are teachers who are powerful and kind. We will utilize all their skills and lead your Japanese study to your goal. The Human Academy Japanese school has the Japanese language world that you can't wait for attending the class every day.
The fruitful student life and people whom you will meet here would be a lifetime precious. We are looking forward to the day that we can meet you in the classroom.

OSAKAMs. Mami Higashi

Ms. Mami Higashi

Why do you learn Japanese? Is it because you like Japan? Or because you like Japanese cartoons? Maybe you want to talk to a Japanese? Going to school in Japan? Looking to find a job in Japan? Want to live in Japan? Everyone has their own reasons for learning Japanese. Then what do you do after you've learned Japanese?
I'm sure that learning Japanese is not your life's goal. We, the lecturers, helps you study for the future beyond that. We are waiting for you at Human Academy Japanese Language School, Osaka school. We'll start from the easy-to-understand Japanese to usable Japanese. Let's build our future together!

SAGAMs. Kaoru Takada

Ms. Kaoru Takada

I was transferred to Saga school from Tokyo school in February 2015.
Saga school is new, but its educational philosophy is the same as those of Tokyo school and Osaka school. It is not only getting the knowledge about Japanese, but also emphasizing in using the acquired knowledge to utilize it. We consider this is the true significance of learning Japanese language in Japan.
Therefore, we offer an environment that everyone can speak actively while constantly interacting with teachers and classmates during the lesson. We improve students ability to understand the problem that they did not know before and solve it each other by conveying what they want to say clearly and listening carefully to the other people's story. Besides the classes, there are fun events such as a bus trip for every season, speech competitions, and sports competitions.
Others, we have events that are characteristics of Saga school, such as the exchange event with local people.I think we can have true international exchange by directly contacting with the local people, and listening to each other's voice.

Manager's Voices

TOKYOMr. Seigo Shin

Mr. Seigo Shin

Hello, everyone
My name is Shin, and I'm Human Academy Japanese Language Tokyo Campus Executive Director.
I have lived in Japan since more than 10 years ago. At that time I didn't understand Japanese at all. First, I went to Japanese Language School to learn Japanese, studied further, and got employed. So far I have experienced so many things, and would like to tell you two things. First, making full use of being Japan, you should study Japanese and become fluent. If you make efforts, you can certainly accomplish this goal. Secondly, have a dream. If you have a dream, you feel encouraged and feel like hanging in there. I believe every one of you will make your dream come true.

Your instructors will support you with care so that you can improve Japanese. If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to come to us. Let's solve it together. A great future is waiting for all of you. Let's get there together.

OSAKAMr. Ryota Yasui

Mr. Ryota Yasui

Good day, everyone.
I'm Ryota Yasui, from Human Academy Japanese Language School, Osaka school.
I joined in 2011 as a part-time lecturer, and was appointed as the head of the secretariat of the Osaka school in November 2018.
Currently, there are many foreigners in Japan. Students who plan to study at university or vocational school. Those who come to work. Those who live with their family or husband. There are many kinds of situations, but all of them definitely need Japanese. It's Human Academy Japanese Language School that teaches useful Japanese effectively.

As everyone could learn Japanese and enjoy you life in Japan, I will support you, sometimes kindly, other times strictly while using my experience as a Japanese teacher.

SAGAMr.Kenji Jyo

Mr.Kenji Jyo

Hello everyone.

The Saga campus opened in April 2015 as Japan's first Japanese language school to be a collaboration between industry, academia and government.
We have been running the school in cooperation with the enormous support of the community in the form of scholarships, part time job support and so on.
Saga is a town rich in nature, the food here is delicious, and there are many kind people who are very welcoming.
Compared to big cities, we believe it is possible to live a life here that is more connected to the country. You can concentrate on putting your best effort into your Japanese studies in this quiet and peaceful environment.
Furthermore, each and every one of the brilliant and compassionate teachers and staff are able to provide unwavering support for every one of you in each goal that you are working towards.
Please don't hesitate to talk to us if there is something worrying you, no matter how trivial it might seem.
Saga is a wonderful place!

Staff Voices

OSAKAMr. Tomohiro Uchita

Mr. Tomohiro Uchita

Hello, everyone. I'm Uchida, from Osaka Campus.
Since 2009 I have been working for Human Academy Japanese Language School. Since 2016 I'm in charge of running school.
Osaka is as lively as Tokyo. It used to be known as national kitchen offering a rich variety of meals. Also, if you go to the suburbs, you can enjoy Japan's tradition and history while visiting Kyoto and Nara.
On top of it, the cost of living is lower in Osaka, so it's a great place to live for international students.
Let's enjoy studying aboard experience together in Osaka. I will support you so that you can enjoy your school life. Thank you!

OSAKAMr. Soujun Takada

Mr. Soujun Takada

Good day, everyone.
I'm Takada, from Human Academy Japanese Language School, Osaka school.

Our Osaka school is located in the center Osaka, where over 1,000 of our students strive in their studies everyday to progress towards their own dreams.
Osaka is a city where foreigners can live easily, with massive amounts of foreign tourists.
This is thanks to Osaka people's friendliness and the traditional food culture, among other things. It's also close to other historical cities such as Kyoto and Nara.

We hold our lessons, focusing on active learning using our original teaching materials, "Connecting Japanese." Other than courses for exchange students, we also have short term courses allowing students to focus on learning in a short time, induction training for business and enterprises, private lessons, group lessons with a small number of people, VOD and online courses, and other various courses to match the needs of our students.

Our teaching staff will support you during your enrollment in our school. Are you interested in leading a fun school life in our school? We'll be awaiting for your enrollment!

SAGAMr.Suguru Nishimura

Mr.Suguru Nishimura

Hello, everyone.
I am Nishimura of Human Academy Japanese Language School's Saga campus.
I started working here in 2016 and was engaged in suggesting tasks for the Japanese language training for those working at the school, and since April 2019 I have had the pleasure of being in charge of the operation and management of the online Japanese lessons.

The Saga campus opened in April 2015 as Japan's first Japanese language school to be a collaboration between industry, academia and government.
It has been operating in cooperation with enormous support from the community, such as scholarships and part time job support.
In recent years, there has been an increase in the number of foreign residents in Saga. Rich in nature and warm-hearted people, it is a well-equipped environment for focusing on the study of the Japanese language.

Online lessons for students all over Japan and worldwide are also offered from the Saga campus. Even those without the time to commute to school or who live far away can take lessons using this service.

We are lucky enough to receive support for your Japanese language learning in various forms, so I hope you will enjoy your time here.

I look forward to studying together with all of you.

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