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Higher Education

not have a visa

Are you thinking to study in Japan for a long term? You will be able to acquire skills to go on to higher education in Japan. We also have short-term intensive course for temporary visitors.


Learn Japanese more

have a visa

This is a course for someone who is a resident in Japan. You provide courses for business Japanese, tests, and so on for your goals.


HAJL News&Information

Class Lesson NEWS
【Osaka Campus】Notice of Pre-Class Lesson for New Class from January
Business Japanese Course NEWS
【Osaka Campus】Notice of a Nov 3rd Free Seminar for Business Persons
Class Lesson NEWS
【Osaka Campus】27th,Oct A Trial Lesson Seminar for Beginners
Group Lesson Other Elective
【Osaka Campus】Japanese Group Lessons for Beginners


Learn Japanese in Tokyo and Osaka - Human Academy Japanese Language School

About HAJL

Thorough path guidance

Thorough instruction that focuses on a goal beyond just the learning of Japanese such as going on to higher education or employment.

Thorough path guidance

Classes where students don't just "listen" but also participate

A unique style of teaching not seen anywhere else made possible by the realization of cooperative learning by the students and the teachers.

Classes where students don't just listen but also participate

A wide variety of courses to choose from

Students can choose from a wide variety of courses depending on their goal of either proceeding on to higher education, or employment.

A wide variety of courses to choose from

Extensive Japanese cultural experiences

Various cultural experiences only possible through the Human Academy, one of the most renowned educational groups in Japan.

>Extensive Japanese cultural experiences

An emphasis on interacting with Japanese people

By intentionally providing multiple opportunities to interact with Japanese people through holding classes in the same building as Japanese students, holding regular networking events, dispatches to schools in Japan and model student programs, students are able to not only learn the language but also learn the way Japanese people think as well as their customs.

An emphasis on interacting with Japanese people

Student's Voice

Peng Kang Ming / Taiwanese
Preparatory Course

I want to go on to university in Japan. I am studying very hard to learn the technology and Japanese culture.

Peng Kang Ming / Taiwanese Preparatory Course

Kei Kyokuyo / China
Preparatory Course

The memories of the time I spent at the Japanese language school are sure to be always in my heart as an important page in my life!

Kei Kyokuyo / China

Nastaran Pashaei / Iranian
Preparatory Course

You can study not just Japanese but also experience other schools like animation voice actor training school and so on.

Emiliano Citarella / Italia Practical Japanese Course

Emiliano Citarella / Italia
Practical Japanese Course

Human Academy Japanese Language School gives me the opportunity to be successful in my everyday life in Japan.

Emiliano Citarella / Italia Practical Japanese Course

So Hiso / Korean
Short-Term Course

Working Holiday Visa life can give us a freedom to choose what we want to do in the country.

So Hiso / Korean
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  • 大丈夫.com

Provision of continuous educational courses and training in Business skills/Licenses, English/Japanese, IT, Sports Training & Conditioning, Graphics, Interior & Art Design, Fashion, Beauty, Manga/Games, Performances, Medical records & management, Social work, General interests, and provision of continuous educational courses in science experiment for children, robot making.

Offering the English education services at Human International Universities & Colleges Consortium, and the Japanese education services at Human Academy Japanese Language School. Follow this link for more details.

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