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Course Information

Human Academy Japanese Language School offers a variety of courses to suit your various purposes, such as long-term courses to prepare for higher education, to daily courses where you can attend from two days a week.

Those Living in Japan

Those Living Overseas

Those Who Want to Learn Online


We introduce the 4 unique features of the Human Academy Japanese Language School.

  1. 01
    Plenty of Elective Subjects

    Choose the elective course that best suits your goals, from advancing to higher education to job hunting.

  2. 02
    Consultation Available in English, Chinese, Korean, and Vietnamese

    Centered on the admissions counseling room and the homeroom teacher, we provide detailed guidance, such as university selection, dissertations, and interview practice.

  3. 03
    College enrollment from Over 100 Schools & Wealth of Experience in Supporting Employment

    We provide guidance based on each individual’s life plan, such as interview lectures and information sessions for higher learning, higher learning workshops for graduates, and individual higher learning counseling.

  4. 04
    Providing Opportunities to Interact with Japanese People

    By providing many opportunities to interact with Japanese people, students can learn not only Japanese, but how Japanese people think and their customs as well.

School Life

We’ll introduce life in Japan and at the school, together with the event calendar.

  • Campus Life

    At Human Academy Japanese Language School, we support your school life by providing facilities such as the library, rest area, and staff who are available for consultation at any time.

  • Event Calendar

    In addition to studying Japanese, we hold various events for you to learn about Japan directly by experiencing the culture outside of the language.

  • About Housing

    We provide information on many student halls and condominiums from affiliated companies. Choose carefully and enjoy a comfortable school life.

School Introduction

A Japanese language school with a track record of over 30 years in Tokyo and Osaka.
Study abroad at a place that suits everyone’s needs, from advancing to higher education, to experiencing culture.

Discover and Select Your Learning Method

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