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About School Entry

When can I enter the school?

Our regular course begins four times a year (January, April, July and October), however there is an application period before each course so it is necessary to make enquiries and prepare application documents early.
If you are considering entering the regular course, you will need to prepare the necessary documents 6-7 months prior to the starting date of the course.
The Short Term Course also begins four times a year (January, April, July and October).
The Intensive Course has no particular starting date and students may be accepted at any time as long as they are at the right level, so please consult with us for further information.

What documents do I need for entry?

Please click here for information about what documents are necessary for the Preparatory Course and Practical Japanese Course. However, content differs according to application conditions, so please consult with us for further information.
Documents needed for entry into the short-term course and the optional course are:
(1)Application Form
(2)Copy of passport
(3)Copy of Alien registration card (for holders only)
(4)3 ID photos

Is there an age limit?

There is no age limit, however applicants for the Preparatory Course and the Practical Japanese Course should have graduated from their last place of study within the last five years.
However, according to the applicant's situation, content differs so please consult with us for further information.

How do I apply?

For the Preparatory Course and the Practical Japanese Course, please prepare the application documents and submit them within the allocated time.
After examining the documents, the school will submit them to the Immigration Bureau.
For more information please click here.

When can I apply?

Depending on your desired entry period and area of residence, the closing date for applications differs.
Please click here to confirm the application dates (the application acceptance period).

How long does it take to be issued a study visa?

Following submission of the official documents to the Immigration Bureau, it takes approximately two and a half months before the "Certificate of Eligibility" is issued.
After the "Certificate of Eligibility" has been issued, a visa can be applied for at a Japanese embassy or consulate in the home country. Results are usually announced one month prior to the intended school entrance period.

About School and Day Life

How many hours of lessons are there per day?

There are four hours of lessons per day and a total of 800 study hours over the year.
Starting and finishing times differ according to the campus so please check the times below.
Tokyo⋯ Morning Class:9:15-12:30 Afternoon Class:13:30-16:45
Osaka⋯Morning Class:9:20-13:10 Afternoon Class:13:30-17:20

Are there any scholarships available?

There is a system where students who have excellent attitudes, grades and attendance may be recommended and, if chosen, receive a scholarship.
Only students in who have study visa are eligible for the scholarship system.

How should I prepare to go on to further education in Japan?

Guidance sessions are held more than twice a year for those planning to advance to further education in Japan. You can attend these guidance sessions and consult with the counselors about your goals.
Before the summer holidays, you may consult with your full time instructor and counselor regarding choosing a school and necessary documents, and from the autumn you can begin document preparation.
Both instructors and counselors will do their best to guide you from preparation to passing entrance exams.

Is there a dormitory?

We are able to introduce you to the affiliated dormitories of Human Academy Japanese Language School. Please contact us for further information.

Am I allowed to do part time work?

If you have a student visa, then, after receiving "Permission to Engage in Activities Outside the Scope of the Visa" from the Immigration Bureau, you will be eligible to work for up to twenty eight hours per week.

How much are living expenses per month?

Total average cost:100,000yen-150,000yen
(Cost example:Rent (including energy costs) 40,000yen-70,000yen, Food 20,000yen-30,000yen, Mobile Phone 5000yen,1 month transport 10,000yen、Other 20,000yen-30,000yen)

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