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Emiliano Citarella (Italia)

Emiliano Citarella

Tokyo offers a huge range of Japanese Language Schools and selecting a good one was not an easy task. Then, a friend of mine recommended HAJL and I am very happy with my choice. Teachers work seamlessly to manage the program with utmost competence, student care, and passion. My schoolmates are from all over the world and I enjoy the fun and cheerful atmosphere that gives me a great experience. I would recommend HAJL to anyone who is passionate about Japanese language and culture. My goal is to be able to live and work in Japan. I have enrolled in "Practical Japanese Course" to acquire the necessary skills and achieve my goal. Understanding the daily Japanese and be fluent in conversation is the key to my professional and personal life.

Ingo Pilch (Germany)

Ingo Pilch

I love Japanese movies and when I was in Germany I used to enjoy trying to translate them by adding German or English subtitles. Through this, I discovered how interesting and beautiful the Japanese language was. So, I came to Japan to study Japanese. The area I have improved the most in at Human Academy is my conversational ability. By getting lots of chances to speak through presentations and group work I can practice the new phrases I learn each day. Everyone gets along really well in the classes which makes them fun. The classes are very multinational too, meaning I can also learn from my classmates from Korea, Vietnam, Philippines, Mexico, China, Romania, Singapore and Taiwan. Instructors and school staff show a genuine interest in the students, which makes for a very friendly atmosphere at the school. Everyday I look forward to coming to study. I plan to do my best and continue working at my Japanese.

Kim, Jin-Ho (South Korea)

Kim, Jin-Ho
(South Korea)

Having a Japanese friend first got me interested in the Japanese language, and then I started to think about studying it more seriously. Later, when I was in Japan traveling, I found out about Human Academy though a friend who was studying to be a Japanese instructor. The Human Academy is conveniently located in downtown Tokyo, and I thought the school had a great atmosphere so I quickly decided to apply. When I first joined the class I could not speak, or even write Hiragana. However, now I can now speak quite naturally, and it makes me so happy when people sometimes are surprised that I am a non-Japanese. To be able to learn a foreign language quickly, not only is individual effort important, but the study environment also plays a large role. With the help and enthusiasm of the school Instructors I have learned a lot in the classes, not just from the textbooks, but from other sources too, and this has helped me in my everyday life. Studying here has really built my confidence and has motivated me to study more.

Seo Hee Seok(South Korea)

Seo Hee Seok
(South Korea)

Working Holiday Visa life can give us a freedom to choose what we want to do in the country. Since I came to Japan with Working Holiday Visa, I could choose what I wanted to do, I did not waste my precious year, so I thought about learning Japanese, doing a part-time job, and socializing with Japanese people, and my future path very carefully. I decided to change my visa to a student visa next year and continue studying at HAJL. I will keep learning and try for my goal.

JJayakody Liyanage Samurdhi (Sri Lanka)

Jayakody Liyanage Samurdhi
(Sri Lanka)

I came to Japan wanting to be an engineer. Japan leads the world in the field of robotics and manufacturing, so I came here with the goal of studying at a Japanese university. Even though Japanese is very difficult to study, I have been really enjoying it and have received lots of good advice from the Human Academy instructors. My Japanese is getting better thanks to them. It is hard to study while working part-time, but I look at it as a challenge. I live alone in Japan but I never feel lonely because of the wonderful atmosphere created by the staff and instructors at the school. I have enjoyed studying at Human Academy so far, and look forward to studying more in the future.

Peng Kang Ming(Taiwanese)

Peng Kang Ming

I came to study in Japan because I wanted to learn the technology in one of the countries that has the most developed technology. All the teachers at HAJL are very caring and working very hard for students. I appreciate very much for their support. I learn every day not only the language but the things about my path, Japanese culture, how to deal and communicate with people from different cultures, and so on. I certainly feel that I have broadened my view. I would like to continue my Japanese study and enjoy the culture, especially, the festivals, beautiful autumn leaves, and the winter snow which I cannot see in my country, and so on. I want to work in Japan. For my dream I will study hard and enjoy my life in Japan.

Kei Kyokuyo(China)

Kei Kyokuyo

I am currently a freshman majoring in Japanese literature in the Department of Humanities at Ritsumeikan University.
It makes me feel nostalgic when I recall what I learned in school. There were networking events and extracurricular activities at the school that enabled me to lead a fun and meaningful time studying abroad. If I had anything that worried me, I could talk to the teachers who were all very kind and eager to help. I believe that the teachers not only teach Japanese but also placed an importance on communicating with the students. At times, they were like good friends and very kind to me. My Japanese language ability increased dramatically by studying Japanese at the HAJL. The school also increased my wish to experience Japanese literature. With that strong desire, I went on to university and I now study Japanese literature and culture. By continuing my studies, I hope to be able to work in a position translation Japanese and Chinese.
Looking back at my time at HAJL, I am truly gratefulto have met the teachers at the Human Academy. I am also grateful to have been able to study Japanese under the instruction of these teachers. The memories of the time I spent at the Japanese language school are sure to be always in my heart as an important page in my life!

Nastaran Pashaei(Iranian)

Nastaran Pashaei

I learn not only Japanese language but the culture and custom. Especially in “experience Japanese traditional culture” class, we can enjoy Japanese culture. We also experienced the postrecording for animation at Human Academy Animation College. It was a new experience and I got to practice the right pronunciation in Japanese. The school prepares wide variety lessons that the students would like to learn for their future goals.




I am Hlushets Bolha from Belarus. I was an English teacher in my country before I came to Japan. I am very interested in Japan that is in the center of Asia and their traditional culture and cities and towns. Especially, I love Osaka and Kyoto.Since the languages I was able to speak were only Russian and English, I started to think of learning Japanese for my future. I would like to be a translator using Russian, English, and Japanese.At Human Academy Japanese Language School, there are a lot of students from various countries. That makes school atmosphere very international and I am happy to learn Japanese in that. Outside school, we together go out for lunch, go to Karaoke, and so forth. I enjoy Japanese life very much. I will keep learning Japanese for my dream.

Mateusz Holusza(Poland)

Mateusz Holusza

I started to be interested in Japan when I made Japanese friend and was taught Japanese culture and custom. I want to speak Japanese as Japanese people do. Now I am majoring in Criminology and psychology and hope to work in Japanese company or international company and contribute to my country.

Shi Chen (China)

Shi Chen

I am and came from China. I wanted to learn Japanese because I liked Japanese culture Japanese cartoons and animations when I was a child. I took Japanese class for the first time when I was in university. In class I learned more about Japan and decided to come to Japan. I majored in Mass Communication at a Chinese university but it is difficult for us to get a job if we cannot speak more than 3 languages. I am planning to go on to Graduate School after I finish Japanese language school and I want to work in the media industry in the future.

Kurina Julia(Russia)

Kurina Julia

My goal is to study Japanese language and culture and then use this to help me get a job in the future using Japanese and Russian. The Russian economy is lagging behind that of Japan, so I want to study not only the language but also Japanese business and customer service. The good things about the HAJL school are: the classrooms are spacious and bright, there are various facilities such as a student lounge for interacting with other students, there is a library for after class, a cafe in the same building and so on. It is safe for studying too as the area has good security. The school is also conveniently located in downtown Osaka. The lessons are enjoyable and easy to understand, they cover reading, listening, grammar, vocabulary and conversation. The instructors always encourage me to not only talk about the study material but also life in Japan. Instructors and school staff also give me advice on visa issues etc. and some of them also speak other languages. There are students of many nationalities so I have also learnt about their way of thinking and customs. Also, in addition to the Japanese school, there are other schools for Japanese students in the same building, and this gives us more opportunities to practice our Japanese. I live in Osaka so there are lots of things to do and see. There are large entertainment facilities and shopping centers and Universal Studios Japan is nearby. Osaka is centrally located near Kyoto and Nara and is a city where you can experience both modern and traditional Japan with 3 World Heritage sites within an hour of the city. Osaka people are also known for their sense of humor, which makes everyday interesting. Osaka is also well known for its food and has a wide variety of interesting dishes. There are so many places to recommend, such as viewing cherry blossoms at Osaka Castle, visiting cultural sites in Kyoto and Nara, the beach in Shirahama, Wakayama etc. There are also many places to go near the school.

Wang Zi(China)

Wang Zi

I recently passed the university entrance exam. At Human Academy Japanese Language School I learned not only the Japanese language but also gained knowledge of Japanese culture, economics, politics and ethnology. On top of this, the school has various exam preparatory classes. Even though I was unfamiliar with life in Japan I was able to take such classes right away and settle comfortably into everyday life. The instructors were also very kind and helped me in many ways. They also used humor in the lessons, which motivated me to improve. I often used the computer room and library. I collected useful information on further studies and life in Japan. Human Academy is located in downtown Osaka, so it is in a very convenient location making it easy to settle into everyday life with lots stores nearby. Being a foreign exchange student is a great experience and helps you grow as an individual and develop an international point of view. Interacting and cooperating with other international students in the classes, we have been helping each other achieve our individual goals. To any international students considering studying in Japan, I strongly recommend Human Academy.

Yoon, Da-Lae(South Korea)

Yoon, Da-Lae
(South Korea)

As Human Academy is located in downtown Osaka, it is in a very convenient location and only a 1 minute walk from Shinsaibashi station. Human Academy is located in a quiet, urban-style building and, along with the Japanese language school for foreign students, there are also colleges for Japanese students in the same building, so there are lots of chances to interact with Japanese students. The classrooms are clean and the lessons are well prepared and tailored to individual student needs. As well as having staff that can speak other languages such as Korean, the staff also helps out with any problems. I feel that, in Japan, Osaka people are most similar in character to Korean people. In Osaka prices are cheap as the market competition is fierce, and it is famous for very good food. You will be able to have a good time here at Human Academy in Osaka, as it is such a charming and interesting city.

Wu Ling Yeh (Taiwanese)

Wu Ling Yeh

I come from Taiwan and I’m on Working Holiday status. I started learning Japanese only after I entered college. I chose to come here on a Working Holiday Visa rather than on a Student Visa, because that way I’ll be able to have more free time to do whatever I like to do, like traveling and working part-time. I do want to work here and see Japanese society from different perspectives. That would be something people just visiting here can’t experience. And if possible I want to find a job in which I can use my Japanese.




I have decided that studying Japanese in Japan would be good for my future, since there are many Japanese companies in my hometown.
When the plane landed in Japan and as I was getting off the plane, I was nervous with the thought - ”There are no family or friends here, so I must try harder on my own!” First of all, I was worried that if I can’t meet the person to pick me up, I may not be able to go to school. But my anxiety has soon disappeared, when I was welcomed by the teacher holding up a paper “Human Academy Japanese Language School” with his warm smile. Although the dormitory in Saga city from the Fukuoka Airport was quite a long way, thanks to the teacher’s thoughtfulness, I was able to go to the dormitory with peace of mind.
It has been three months has past, and I am enjoying everyday filled with new experiences. Although there are no senior students to consult with at the Human Academy Language School, Saga Campus as it has just been established, I can always ask my teachers for their assistance whenever I come across with problems. I have friends from various countries including, those from Nepal, China and Taiwan at the school. My Japanese language skill is getting better because I am sharing the dormitory room with two Nepali friends, and I use Japanese whenever I speak to them. It is fun and interesting when we eat together or when we talk about the lives back home.
As for the part time job, you don’t need to worry about it as the school arranges employment opportunities. I am currently working part time, and everyone around me is kind and enthusiastic, they always teach me many things that it makes me want to work even harder.
Saga city is small but a beautiful city. It is surrounded by beautiful air, you can enjoy viewing flowers everywhere, and everyone here is kind. I would like to do my best in order to fulfill my dreams.



I have come to Japan from Nepal this April to study Japanese for two years. I have asked opinions from my friends who are staying in Osaka and Tokyo when I was choosing the school to study. Saga is far removed from the big city, and is a quiet town. So, I thought Saga city would offer me a perfect environment for studying. I have chosen the Human Academy Japanese Language School, Saga Campus as I thought this campus would give me a perfect environment to learn Japanese language, culture and manners.
Technologies in Japan are famous throughout the world. I want to study information technology in Japan, and I hope to bring back home the best of what I will have learned and experienced in Japan. I think what teachers of Human Academy have taught me so far since I got here are all very practical. In addition, teachers are very caring.
School dormitory is very clean. And the Japanese people around me are all sociable. I made friends with Japanese, Vietnamese, and Taiwanese, ever since I came to Japan. I am very delighted that I was given a great opportunity to learn Japanese by Human Academy Japanese Language School, Saga Campus.

Human Academy, I thank you very much.

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