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2018.08.10 NEWS


We are going to be on vacation from the ...
2018.04.28 Group Lesson Other Elective

【Osaka Campus】Japanese Group Lessons for Beginners

This class is for who wants to challenge...
2018.04.20 Business Japanese Course Group Lesson

【Osaka Campus】Japanese Business Conversation Class is now on coming!

You can acquire high- level Japanese sk...
2017.08.29 Business Japanese Course Group Lesson JLPT Preparation Other Elective Private Lesson

Japanese Online Lesson

2017.06.14 Group Lesson

[Tokyo Campus] 6-DAY Group Lesson for Beginners (Jun 29 - Jul 6)

■TOKYO Campus■ 6-DAY Group Lesson for B...
2017.03.21 Business Japanese Course

【Tokyo campus】 Business Conversation Course

From "daily conversational level&q...
2017.03.21 JLPT Preparation

【Tokyo campus】N1/N2/N3 Prep Course

Intensive course to pass the JLPT Best ...
2017.03.09 Short Term Course

[Tokyo] Special Spring Short-Term Course

2017.03.06 JLPT Preparation

【SAGA campus】2017, July JLPT N3 Prep Class

For those who aim to pass the first JLPT...
2017.02.23 Group Lesson

【Tokyo Campus】Mid-term entrance accepted!

2016.12.19 NEWS

【Tokyo Campus】FREE Bunka class OPEN!

Enjoy "Syodo" Monday, December...
2016.09.07 Class Lesson

【Saga Campus】Pre-lesson for Beginner Students!!

The new semester will start from October...
2016.04.20 NEWS

The 2016 Kumamoto Earthquake - We express our deepest sympathy

We would like to offer our sincere sympa...
2016.04.19 NEWS

【Saga Campus】 About Kumamoto Earthquake

A big earthquake occurred in Kumamoto-pr...
2016.03.10 NEWS

For starting from April students

Everyone planning to start studying Japa...
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