School Introduction

What is Human Academy Japanese Language School?

We practice Japanese language education for foreigners.

Human Academy Japanese Language School (HAJL) has been established since the establishment of the Osaka school in 1987 and the Tokyo school in 1991.
We have produced thousands of graduates in society.
Through our abundant counseling experience, each and every one of you who enrolled in our school will have a "selfing".
And we have cherished "the future".

Learning Japanese is not your goal, but it should be a tool for a bright new future.
We believe that it is our mission to explore and build the "future" of everyone together with the acquired technology as a weapon.
Therefore, at our school, we try to develop lessons that are easy to understand and do not make learners bored.
Every year, many people pass the Japanese Language Proficiency Test and successfully enter higher education institutions such as universities, graduate schools, and vocational schools.

Now, with us, go to the "beyond" Japanese language ...

Campus Information

A library that can be used from 9 am to 6 pm, a large entrance and rest space,
We support students in various ways, including staff who can consult with you in case of trouble.

  • Tokyo Campus

    You can study in one of the leading student towns in Japan. Nearby are Harajuku, Shibuya, and Ikebukuro, which are centers for some of Asia’s most cutting-edge culture.

  • Osaka Campus

    The general academy Human Academy, part of our group’s school, is being developed in the surrounding area. Applicants can learn about the latest Japanese culture, such as fashion, hair and makeup, and manga.


April 1985 Established Nihon Shinken Seminar, a preparatory school for university entrance
April 1987 Human Academy Japanese Language School, a Japanese language education institution for foreigners, opens in Osaka
April 1991 Human Academy Japanese Language School Tokyo opened
April 1995 Renamed National University Japan to Human International University Japan
April 1997 Xiuman Tianjin Dobun Foreign Affairs Vocational School Established in Tianjin, China
February 2002 Established at human USA in San Diego, USA
April 2002 Certified by the University of Wales, UK, MBA program opened in Tokyo
April 2003 Established Shanghai Shuman Human Resources Co., Ltd.
July 2003 Established Human Korea Office
April 2004 Established Human International Academy in Gold Cost, Australia
March 2006 Established Human I.K. Co., Ltd. in Seoul, South Korea
September 2008 Established Shuman Nihongo Training Center (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
April 2011 Established Human International Co., Ltd.

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